Discreet Vibrators

Let's get one thing straight: your pleasure is your business, and it should stay that way if you want it to. That's why our range of discreet vibrators, from our wearable male vibrator, Tenuto 2, to our bendable G-spot vibrator, Poco, are designed to be as silent as they are satisfying. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill sex toys; they're your secret weapons for mind-blowing orgasms, all while keeping things on the down low.

I had never used a vibrator before, but this thing is amazing!!!! It is really easy to control, really easy to charge and it feels great when holding it. What I like most about is the bendable feature. It just makes the experience so much more fun.

Jess, Manchester

What a wonderful company. Not only are their products great, their customer service goes above and beyond.

Wendy, London

Amazing, forward-thinking tech that puts pleasure and communication first. Really impressed to see how technology can improve rather than replace intimacy. Just so much fun to use.

Henry, Boston

I was reading the reviews and I didn't believe it when people were saying stuff like, "Omg this fixed my sex life". So I got it and it definitely did rekindle our sex life after being married for over 30 years!

Destine, USA

A sextoy like no other. This is not a nasty cheap bring pink pseudo willy - its a piece of art that can deliver a great deal of fun and pleasure.

Ben, Berlin

Beautifully designed, its the Rolls Royce of vibrators.

Henry, Amsterdam

Packaging to die for and vibrations to send you heaven and back. Fun for both Mr and Mrs (and more!). Love it!

Oleg, Vienna

It's thin, which makes it not as invasive as some wider toys, and the length is perfect for my clients who want to work on deep vaginal healing and need something to target all areas. This is something I'd recommend to them for that especially.

Gerry, London

Customize Your Experience With Tantalizing, Tech-Savvy Features

When it comes to our collection of silent vibrators, it's not just about sleek design and whisper-quiet operation; it's also about smart functionality. Each device in our collection offers remote control options and smart app integration, allowing you to fine-tune your pleasure. Whether you're enjoying some solo time or sharing control with a partner, the power to customize your experience is literally at your fingertips. With a diverse array of speeds and patterns, you can make every intimate moment uniquely yours.

Pleasure That Comes With Health Benefits

But wait, there's more! Our discreet vibrators aren't just about secret thrills; they also pack a punch in the health department. Take Molto, for example. It is designed to improve prostate health by stimulating blood flow to the area, helping to manage conditions like prostatitis. Then there's Tenuto 2 and Tenuto Mini, which are engineered to combat erectile dysfunction by enhancing blood flow for stronger, longer-lasting erections. Hence, they are more than just quiet vibrators; they're wellness tools that can significantly improve your quality of life.

Built For Quality And Comfort

Our products are 100% water-resistant, so feel free to take playtime into the shower or tub. And let's not forget, they're USB rechargeable, ensuring that your device is always ready when you are. Also, their ergonomic design means they fit perfectly in your hand, making them easy to use even in the most intimate of settings. With these features, you're not just investing in a product; you're investing in next-level comfort and quality.


In a world where privacy is increasingly becoming a luxury, the need for silent yet powerful vibrators has never been greater. And that's precisely where our range comes into play. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill adult sex toys; they're masterpieces of design and functionality, created to offer you the most intimate experiences with the utmost discretion.

When it comes to discreet vibrators, the devil is truly in the details. Ergonomically designed, our products are not just about aesthetic appeal and ease of use, they're about maximizing enjoyment while minimizing noise. The curvature, the texture, and even the placement of the control buttons are all meticulously planned to provide an intuitive, fuss-free experience.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. These products aren't just about reaching new heights of pleasure; they're about elevating your overall sexual health. When it comes to women's sexual health, our products Crescendo 2, Legato, and Poco are more than just pleasure powerhouses. Crescendo 2, with its 6 motors and bendable design, offers targeted relief for pelvic pain and painful sex. Legato, on the other hand, delivers 360° stimulation to the labia, vulva, and clitoris, enhancing blood flow and overall genital health. Poco, the compact G-spot vibrator, is specifically engineered to alleviate discomfort associated with vulvodynia.

Spice up your relationship with our range of products designed for couples. Whether it's Crescendo 2, which can be bent to hit both your and your partner's sweet spots, or Tenuto 2 and Tenuto Mini, which are designed to enhance blood flow for stronger erections while also stimulating your partner, our products make shared pleasure a priority. Experience the thrill of synchronized orgasms or the intimacy of taking turns controlling each other's products through our smart app. It's not just about individual satisfaction; it's about creating memorable shared experiences.

And let's not forget about the quality of the materials we use. When we say our products are made from medical-grade, body-safe silicone, we're talking about a level of comfort and safety that sets a new standard in the industry. This material is not only incredibly soft to the touch but also water-resistant, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for where you can take playtime.

Whether you're jet-setting or on vacation, our products are designed to be your ultimate travel companions. Their sleek, compact designs make them a breeze to pack in a handbag or carry-on, ensuring you never have to leave pleasure behind. But it's not just about size and discretion; we've also considered practicalities. Our devices come with a travel lock feature, eliminating the risk of accidental turn-ons that could lead to awkward situations.

In the realm of silent vibrators, it's not just about what they can do; it's also about what they empower you to do. They offer a sense of liberation, a freedom to explore your body and your desires without the constraints of noise, size, or societal norms. They're not just products; they're enablers of a lifestyle that prioritizes personal satisfaction and well-being.

So, whether you're a veteran or a complete newcomer to the world of vibrators, we offer something for everyone. Our discreet vibrators are the epitome of personal pleasure, designed for people who want the best of all worlds: power, discretion, versatility, and, above all, satisfaction.


Overall Sexual Wellness

There are numerous health benefits of regular orgasms including better sleep, lower stress, reduced heart diseases, less headaches & improved skin. Using Crescendo 2 can help make orgasms a highly enjoyable part of your regular schedule.


Pelvic health problems including urinary & bowel incontinence are common for many women. Regular use of a directional vibrator like Crescendo 2 can help strengthen this area, improve function, and make sex easier and more comfortable, especially for postpartum women with weakened pelvic floor contraction.

Pain Disorder

Vibratory stimulation is a commonly recommended treatment for vulvodynia, dyspareunia and other vulval pain conditions.


For women experiencing trouble with arousal or orgasm, using Crescendo 2 on the genitals can help improve vaginal lubrication, genital sensation and sexually related stress.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is common in women, especially for those over the age of 40. Crecendo can be used both vaginally and on the perenium to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and reduce urine leakage.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects a third of the male population worldwide. Regular use of Crescendo 2 through start-stop exercises can reduce premature ejaculation symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction

Vibration stimulation to the penis and pelvic floor can improve erectile dysfunction. Use Crescendo 2 both before and during intercourse for stronger, longer-lasting erections.



Yes, Crescendo 2 is an incredibly versatile vibrator that can be used both externally or internally during sexual intercourse. You can check out the Play page for more ideas on how to introduce and incorporate Crescendo 2 into your sex life.


Crescendo 2 is unique in several ways and the most exciting being that owning Crescendo 2 feels like owning infinite toys in one! Due to its bendable design, its applications are endless. You can bend Crescendo 2 into any shape that works for you or your partner, of which include:

  • ‘C’ shape - curved to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time
  • ‘S’ shape - to stimulate the G-spot while your partner performs oral sex
  • ‘J’ shape - to curve around the head of the penis for stimulation.

Crescendo 2 is designed to be a truly unisex and gender-neutral vibrator so people of all orientations and identities can enjoy it. Crescendo 2 has six motors along the length of its shaft, all strategically placed to target multiple erogenous zones throughout. All the motors can be individually programmed and controlled using the app or the MysteryVibe REMOTE so you can create and save vibes that are completely tailored to your preferences. For more ideas on how to use Crescendo 2, check out our Play page.


Our relationship with sexuality starts with our fingers. They are our very first 'sex toy' and our introduction to pleasure. Our fingers help us discover and stimulate our erogenous zones. That is why we designed Crescendo 2 to create the ultimate finger that can be bent into any shape to reach, discover, and arouse the deepest parts of our bodies, parts we didn't know existed and achieve new heights of pleasure.


Before wearing Tenuto 2, generously apply water-based lubricant on Tenuto 2, your penis, or both. Make sure Tenuto 2 is powered on before putting it on. Stretch and open Tenuto 2's 'wings' outwards and place it on the penis head. Stimulate the penis head with Tenuto 2’s strong vibrations to get aroused. As your penis gets erect, slide Tenuto 2 up the penis shaft so it sits at the base. Sit your testicles above Tenuto 2 or place them through the opening below, one at a time. You can connect to the app or use the MysteryVibe remote if you want to control Tenuto 2 remotely while wearing it. Once Tenuto 2 is on, get a firm grip and enjoy stronger, longer erections.


Tenuto 2 is designed to be worn comfortably during intercourse. Tenuto 2's front 3 motors are not only designed to stimulate the penis but also deliver powerful vibrations to your partner's labia and clitoris.


You can use Tenuto 2 in a number of different ways: as a cock ring, as a nipple stimulator and more. You can find lots of ideas on our Play page


Yes, Poco is a really great toy for use during sex. It is particularly effective for targetted clitoral and labia stimulation during intercourse to enjoy internal and external stimulation simultaneously. You can check out the Play page for more ideas on how to introduce Poco into your sex life.


POCO is unique in a number of ways AND the most exciting being that it can be many toys in one! Because of its bendable design, you can flex Poco into any shape that works for you or your partner. That could be a curved shape to stimulate the G-spot or a C-shape to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot at the same. Poco is designed to be gender-neutral so people from all orientations can enjoy it.


We designed Poco to be the best first-time vibrator. We think it is the perfect toy for anyone looking to explore, discover and stimulate their and their partner's body in new ways. Poco also makes a great vibrator gift for your partner or friend.

What are the differences between Poco and Crescendo?

Differences Poco and Crescendo Graphics


Mysteryvibe is all about pleasure, with you at the centre of it. All our products work seamlessly without the APP. They come with an exciting collection of preinstalled vibes and you can navigate between them using the buttons on the product.


The App is a completely free add-on to widen your experience of the products. With the App you can change the installed vibes by downloading new ones from the Vibe store. The App also allows you or your partner to control the device via bluetooth. You can create your own custom vibes of up to 5 minutes long and save them onto your device for offline play. MysteryVibe App Features


Not at all, all our products work without the Remote. The Remote gives you the extra option to seamlessly control any of your favorite MysteryVibe vibrators from a distance of up to 3 meters / 10 feet.


Connect intimately in new ways with the MysteryVibe Remote control.

  • Control your / your partner’s vibrator with the Remote
  • Experience new levels of orgasms from synchronized vibrations
  • Surrender control of your experience to your partner
  • Stimulate multiple erogenous zones at once with multiple MysteryVibe devices
  • Simultaneously pleasure your partner and yourself

For additional play ideas and exciting sex positions with MysteryVibe products, check out the Play page.