What Is Penis Worship And 6 Tips On How To Try It

Curious about penis worship and how to incorporate it into your sex life? Learn its benefits and tips for engaging in this pleasurable and intimate experience!

Published Jul 18 2023 4 min read

When it comes to enhancing sexual experiences, one aspect that's gaining attention and curiosity is the concept of penis worship. At its core, penis worship is the erotic celebration and adoration of the penis, creating a shared experience of intimate connection, affection, and satisfaction. 

While worship may seem daunting or intimidating, this practice is highly accessible, customizable, and sensual for anyone interested in exploring it with their partner(s). Penis worship isn't all about submission or dominance, it can be a form of intimate communication, trust-building, and deep appreciation for your partner's body. This practice can foster a more profound emotional connection, promote sexual confidence, and yield newfound pleasure experiences for both the giver and the receiver. 

Let's dive into the world of penis worship and uncover the possibilities it can bring to your intimate encounters, fostering deeper connections, exhilarating sensations, and a newfound appreciation for your partner. 

Dispelling misconceptions about penis worship 

Addressing common misconceptions surrounding the practice is essential before diving into how you and your partner(s) can explore penis worship. In doing so, you'll gain better insight into what penis worship truly embodies and how it can be a rewarding and sex-positive experience.  

  • Penis worship is not degrading: Contrary to popular belief, engaging in penis worship isn't about submission or objectification. It's a consensual and affectionate celebration of a partner's body that fosters intimacy and trust. 
  • It's suitable for all genders and sexual orientations: Penis worship can be enjoyed by couples with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations, provided it's consensual and pleasurable for all parties involved. 

By debunking these misconceptions, you and your partner(s) can approach penis worship from a healthier, more informed perspective.  

The benefits of penis worship 

Exploring penis worship can have numerous benefits for both the giver and receiver, spanning emotional, physical, and sexual domains. Some prominent advantages include: 

  • Builds intimacy and trust: Engaging in penis worship with your partner(s) can create a deeper emotional bond, as it often involves vulnerability and open communication. 
  • Boosts sexual confidence: This practice helps the receiver discover new pleasure points while the giver becomes more familiar with their partner's body and preferences, ultimately increasing sexual confidence for both parties. 
  • Arouses and stimulates: By engaging in slow, sensual, and intentional acts of admiration and passion, penis worship can be an incredibly tantalizing and erotic experience for both partners. 

6 tips for trying penis worship   

If you're eager to explore penis worship, consider the following tips to guide your journey: 

  • Communication is key: Discuss the idea of penis worship with your partner(s) beforehand, ensuring everyone is comfortable and on board with trying it.  

    Establish boundaries and consent, creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all. 
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere: Set the stage for a pleasurable and intimate session by creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. This could include lighting candles, playing soft music, or incorporating sensual scents. 
  • Enjoy the journey: There is no rigid script to follow when engaging in penis worship. Embrace exploring your partner's body, taking your time, and enjoying discovering new pleasure points and sensations.  
  • Use lube: Make sure to use lubrication to ensure a smooth and sensual experience when caressing and pleasuring your partner. 
  • Explore textures: Experiment with different textures and pressures when stroking or massaging the penis, either with hands, mouth, or sex toys. 
  • Incorporate sex toys: Adding a variety of sex toys like vibrators, cock rings, or strokers can enhance and elevate the penis worship experience by providing new sensations for your partner to enjoy.  
  • Verbalize your admiration: Compliment and express your adoration for your partner's penis throughout the experience. This can reinforce the worship aspect, boost your partner's confidence, and create a more fulfilling journey for both of you. 

Penis worship aftercare 

Following your penis worship session, engaging in aftercare and reflection is crucial, fostering mutual understanding and growth in your relationship. 

  • Physical aftercare: Gently caress or cuddle your partner(s) alongside any necessary hygiene or care routines that make everyone feel comfortable and cared for. 
  • Communicate: Openly discuss your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your partner to maintain a strong connection and better understand your preferences and boundaries. 
  • Reflect and grow: Reflect on the experience individually and with your partner. Consider how you might evolve your penis worship practice based on your shared journey. 


The engaging and intimate practice of penis worship offers various benefits relating to deeper connection, trust, and pleasure. By understanding its true nature and recognizing the potential rewards that can be reaped, you and your partner can navigate this exciting endeavor together, enhancing your sexual experiences and deepening your bond. 

Embrace open communication, experimentation, and genuine admiration as you explore penis worship with your partner. Remember that the journey may evolve, and it's crucial to remain receptive and adaptable while prioritizing consent, pleasure, and comfort. The world of penis worship beckons you and your partner to embark on unparalleled sensual adventures, taking your relationship to new heights and unlocking new dimensions of satisfaction and bliss. 

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