5 Ways To Use Remote Control Vibrators And Make Your Sex Life Buzzworthy

Technology has made it possible to get innovative in the bedroom with pleasure. Here are 5 ways to use remote control vibrators and elevate your sex life.

Published Jan 09 2024 6 min read

Smart technology has brought a great deal of goodness into our lives. Wireless headphones and smart watches have been a good start – but the greatest value (at least we think so) is the breakthroughs in ‘hands-free’ pleasure, aka teledildonics, Bluetooth vibrators, app-controlled vibrators or remote control vibrators.

The revolution in remote-control raunchiness has opened the door to a cornucopia of new delights, allowing couples and singles to explore new kinks including domination from a distance, discreet exhibitionism, and longer-lasting entertaining date nights.

Here’s a list of 5 novel ways that you can enhance your sex life with remote control vibrators. 

 Go hands-free with remote control vibrators

1. Go hands-free to indulge in giving

One of the most erotic experiences during sex is watching your partner writhe in pleasure from something you did. Giving pleasure is its own aphrodisiac; however, when hands are involved, we don’t always get the opportunity to really indulge in the pleasure of giving. Remote control vibrators solve this problem outright. With the ability to control your vibrator via a remote or smartphone, you can give freely while your partner receives – hands-free. Tie your partner’s hands behind their back and take the reins over their pleasure with an app-enabled vibrator like Crescendo 2.

Draw satisfaction from your ability to focus exclusively on your partner. When you’re the one adjusting the intensity of the vibration or the pattern, you will develop a deep understanding of what really arouses your partner, and how to make them squirm. Not to mention drinking the delicious sight of you inching them towards orgasm.

Submit with remote control vibrators

2. Tied down and blindfolded

Surrendering control to a trusted partner is one of the most erotic experiences in any relationship. Restraints and sensory deprivation props like blindfolds and earplugs are often used to create a heightened sense of submission, with control being utterly surrendered to the dominating partner. The vulnerability of being tied down with no orientation of where your partner is, can also inject an intoxicating sense of eroticism and thrill into lovemaking.

This feeling can be elevated to even greater heights by having the dominating partner use a remote control vibrator, like Tenuto 2 for him or Poco for her, to tease the submitting partner. The absence of any sensation but the pleasurable vibrations of a remote control vibrator will leave the submissive partner totally at the mercy of the dominant one and desperate for more.

For those who are interested in femdom or female domination, the wearable male vibrator Tenuto 2 is an ideal choice, as it’s one of the only Bluetooth vibrators designed to cater to male pleasure in this way. This male vibrator sits comfortably at the base of the penis while four motors stimulate the penis and perineum for amplified pleasure from multiple angles.

Picture this – your partner’s hands tied to the bedpost, helpless as you pick the vibration pattern, intensity, and speed that elicits moans and groans – all from a safe distance with the MysteryVibe remote or smartphone app. You can even set it and pleasure yourself while you edge your partner or watch them in ecstasy.

Similarly, the Bluetooth G-spot vibrator Poco can be used to tease and taunt a female partner’s G-spot or clitoris while tied up or blindfolded.

Date night with a remote control vibrator

3. Intensify date night with a remote control vibrator

Good things come to those that wait – but with this date night surprise, the wait itself becomes just as enjoyable.

Date nights are a healthy part of any relationship, and a wonderful way to connect with your partner – but as with all things, there’s room for improvement, and every date night can benefit from a little sexual tension. Get your partner to use a portable or wearable remote control vibrator, like the male wearable vibrator Tenuto Mini or the G-spot vibrator Poco and use the app-control function to subtly and mercilessly tease your partner throughout your evening.

By drawing out the experience with hours of teasing throughout the night, couples can heighten the anticipation of activities to come later – leading to an incredible climax as the anticipation builds and your partner is unable to contain themselves any longer!

Try provoking your partner throughout an extended dinner date or a film, using the vibrator to arouse their libido and keep their sexual passion hot throughout the night.

Get Naughty In Public With Remote Control Vibrators

4. Get naughty...in public

There’s a certain joy in discretion – particularly when you’re doing something a bit naughty, like going about your business fully dressed while receiving pleasure from your partner in public without anyone knowing.

Those with an exhibitionist kink can use discreet vibrators to please each other in public and keep the sexy secret between the two of you. Try going for a walk or for a delightful dinner date and discover the joy of trying to keep a straight face as your partner subtly pleasures you.

Using a remote control vibrator in public with a partner develops a bond of secrecy and excitement which can elevate the sexual chemistry of a date or activity to a higher level. Pleasuring your partner in a public place will also heighten the anticipation of sex and may result in your partner jumping you the second you get in through the door.

Make Masturbation Interactive With Remote Control Vibrators

5. Make masturbation interactive

While we might have the best intentions, sometimes our sex drives don’t align with our partners. You come home from work, ready to get intimate, but your partner had a stressful day, or has a debilitating headache, or just doesn’t have enough energy. These are normal, familiar situations for any couple.

For the occasions where your sex drives are misaligned, there is a middle ground with remote control vibrators. Your partner can be involved with your pleasure by remotely contributing to your masturbation session. The beauty of app-controlled vibrators is that they don’t even need to be in the same room, just nearby.

With the Bluetooth vibrator Tenuto 2, all your partner needs is their smartphone and the app. Their hands may not be physically on you, but as you are pleasuring yourself, whether in the shower, bath, or bedroom, they control the intensity, vibration pattern, and pace of your pleasure. Just when you thought you were ready to climax, they change the pattern and edge your orgasm out a little longer. By giving your partner control of your arousal, you can add a new layer of intimacy to a favorite pastime. The control alone may arouse them enough to join you in your solo pleasure

The use of a remote control vibrator has revolutionized sexual pleasure for both couples and singles, and has created an entirely new series of sexual positions and activities to be explored – what are you waiting for? Shop now.

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