7 Ways To Tease Your Partner – Without Touching

Connecting with your partner through touch can be one of the cornerstones of intimacy, and tactile sensations are important parts of arousal and climax for many people. However, engaging your partner’s other senses first and foremost – through smell, sight, and sound – can take your experiences to the next level and supercharge your sexual encounters.

Published Nov 18 2022 8 min read

Physical touch can often act as the gateway to initiating sex and foreplay, with wandering hands very quickly setting the mood and tempo for what’s to come. While getting hands-on with your partner is a fantastic way to build your connection, explore one another’s bodies, and discover what sensations are most pleasurable for both of you; there are also lots of exciting options for ‘hands free’ thrills as well.  

Engaging your partner’s senses including sight, sound, and smell, can heighten the experience and increase arousal. Combining sensory play with elements of teasing, mystery and giving up a little control can unlock new avenues of pleasure for both of you. These 7 tips will help you get to grips – or not quite – with your journey to hands-free happiness.  

1. Put Your Silver Tongue To Work 

Dirty talk is a classic arousal enhancer for many people and is a fantastic way to communicate your desire for your partner and highlight what really turns you on about them. It can be used to effectively build anticipation by telling them exactly what you want to do to them or what you’d love them to do for you. As with many parts of our lives, technology has opened some exciting opportunities to connect even when you can’t be together – whether it’s the ‘classic’ dirty talk session over a phone call, or surprising your partner with an impromptu voice note. 

Amplify Arousal With ASMR And Audio Porn

2.  Amplify Arousal With ASMR And Audio Porn 

Audio porn and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) content has exploded in popularity, and with good reason. Audio erotica such as podcasts and audiobooks can include recordings of dirty talk and physical sex acts like oral sex, moaning, labored breathing, and masturbation. This evocative type of aural stimulation can provide intense arousal and let you and your partner explore fantasies and kinks without the need for touch. ASMR relies on sound to cause feelings of relaxation and contentment, similar to feelings experienced after orgasm, with triggers including whispering, blowing, or deep breathing. Both options offer an exciting way to explore this sensory frontier, and a safe alternative for those who haven’t yet found their voice when it comes to talking dirty. Experiment with teasing your partner by making ASMR sounds yourself, like whispering in their ear. Or indulge in listening to ASMR or audio erotica together – because after all, what’s more intimate than sharing your headphones with someone? 

3.  Eau de You: Provoke Your Partner With Your Smell 

Smell is often underappreciated when it comes to its role in foreplay, sex, and intimacy, even though studies show it’s a strong precursor to attraction. When used in the right way it can be an intoxicating aroma all on its own. We often associate a deep level of comfort and familiarity with, and attraction to, how our partners smell, either naturally or with their unique combination of cleansing products, deodorants, aftershaves and perfumes. You can make the most of your unique scent and tease your partner by leaving an item of your clothing for them to find or asking them to wear it while you are getting intimate. Or apply your scent to an item of their clothing by wearing it. Alternatively, you can buy your partner a new piece of lingerie or underwear that you’ve applied your ‘Eau de You’ to and heighten their pleasure in wearing it.  

Play with Provocative Imagery

4. Play with Provocative Imagery 

With many of us now having our own personal photography and movie studio in our pockets, we have unlimited access to a fantastic way to tease our partners. Tantalize your partner with a provocative photo shoot or video session and show off that enticing outfit that drives them wild. Even better, highlight a part of your body you know your partner enjoys or send a video of a striptease. To really up the ante, send more intimate pictures or a video of you masturbating and show them what they’re missing out on – for now. Using sight in these ways can elevate sexual tension throughout the day, so while you’re out of sight, you’re not out of mind.

5.  Seduce With Suggestive Messages 

Whatever your messaging medium, sending sexy and suggestive messages – known as ‘sexting’ – can be a sure-fire way to tease your partner and ramp up sexual anticipation. Whether you prefer sending something short and sweet or showing off your inner erotic author with longer messages, sexting can be a great way of letting your partner know how much they turn you on, what you’re excited to experience with them, and sharing your fantasies. You can combine messages with sending some teasing photos, mix things up with suggestive emojis, or even go old-school and crack out a pen and paper to write your partner a lusty letter. P.S, if you’re newer to sexting, there are plenty of resources to help you find your voice. 

Put On A Sexy Show

6.  Put On A Sexy Show 

Even though we’re exploring ways of teasing your partner without touching them, it doesn’t mean you can’t get hands-on with yourself! There are plenty of ways for you to heighten the tension and tease your partner, though fair warning, your partner may need to be restrained to ensure this stays hands-free. Start by slipping into something that you know will drive them wild, then slowly take your outfit off and accentuate parts of your body you know will give them a thrill. Take things to the next level by masturbating while they watch. If you combine your performance with delayed gratification techniques like edging, your partner will be more than ready to jump in and help finish what you’ve started. 

7. Use Remote Control Sex Toys 

Technology has changed many parts of our lives for the better – and intimacy is no exception. App or Bluetooth enabled sex toys can put you firmly in control over your partner’s pleasure from a distance. Whether that’s you watching the fun from across the room, or - if you’re both into turning up the heat - spicing up date night by bringing your remote-control vibrator to a safe public space. There are a variety of options available to find the right fit to give you and your partner hands-free orgasms, from the discreet, compact, yet powerful Poco providing precise G-spot stimulation, anytime, anywhere, to the male vibrator Tenuto 2, which gives wraparound stimulation from penis to perineum to supercharge orgasms. Plus, if both of you are using a remote-control vibrator at once, everyone gets to indulge in some hands-free teasing.  

While we all like to be hands-on during intimacy, a hands-free approach allows you and your partner to explore sensual stimulation in a novel and engaging way. By indulging the different senses to heighten arousal, you can master the art of seduction. And who doesn’t love a good tease?

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