Virtual Reality Sex: Are VR Sex Toys The Future?

Virtual reality can transport you to both fantastical or hyper-realistic places. Yet how can it enhance our lives and our sex lives? Will VR be entering our bedrooms and changing our sex lives in the near future?

Published May 25 2021 4 min read

Virtual reality is an immersive experience, whereby you can enter an alternative world- a form of escapism for many. However, innovative applications of virtual reality are starting to show the effectiveness of VR integration in real life- a way to enhance and live socially. Whenever new, cutting-edge technology comes around questions regarding its application to the sex world follow swiftly behind.

How can VR and Sex come together?

When people think of VR and sex, the most obvious go-to answer is VR porn. Porn has always been on the cutting edge of tech so it is only natural that many of the mainstream porn studios such as are busy creating plenty of virtual reality content for you to enjoy . These are often fully immersive films and porn videos that put you right in the picture, shooting from ‘your’ point of view to try and give a realistic impression that you’re the star of the show. 

All you need to try VR Porn is a small investment in a VR headset and a smart device to stream your chosen videos. With plenty of options on the market to suit a range of budgets; you will be immersed in your wildest fantasies in no time. Our top pick that won’t break the bank is the Gear VR Powered By Samsung Smartphone (however, it is important to note you will need a Samsung Device). 

Samsung VR Headset

VR Sex Toys

In the last few years, teledildonic toys have come to the consumer market. Yet what are teledildonics and how can they be integrated into our sex lives? The ‘dildo’ in Teledildonics may be a bit of a give-away, but they aren’t just smart sex toys but rather high tech, internet-connected, interactive sex toys that allow the wearer to be physically stimulated remotely!

The sex toy space is evolving quickly to incorporate smart technology within the designs of sex toys targeting all genders and sexual orientations. Vibrators such as Esca2 and strokers such as Onyx+ by KIROO can be controlled via phone apps over long-distance, and bluetooth connection over a short distance. This can add an extra layer of connection to ‘video-sex’ and ‘phone sex’, allowing individuals in long-distance relationships to reach out and touch their partner, in a new way.

Sites such as CamSoda have chosen to combine teledildonic toys with cam performers. By simply logging on with a VR sex toy and headset, users are able to experience virtual reality sex with their favorite porn stars and cam girls through intelligent vibrators that connect to each other over long distances. 

In practice, it may look quite strange to start with: a helmet covering their head and a vibrator covering their genitals. But the connection they are having will be a real, intimate exchange between two people. If it takes off, the sight of someone having ‘virtual’ sex with a VR headset on might not seem so strange after all.

Virtual Reality Dating

Man swiping on tinder with virtual reality headset on

Virtual reality could minimize risk in anonymous encounters.  Some people have speculated that VR could be used in the future to ‘augment’ crowds — meaning those who can’t attend an event could instead be there virtually. This technique could be applied to dating too — to enable people to have realistic virtual ‘dates’ before they choose to meet in person, or even to facilitate anonymous virtual sex — without the associated dangers of meeting in real life.

Virtual reality technology is still in fairly early stages. If you want to experience virtual reality for yourself, decent hardware costs upwards of £1000. Yet with the cost rapidly coming down in price, expect to see more applications of virtual reality outside the gaming space. In the future, VR could help enhance other areas of your life — including your sex life.

So what can virtual reality bring to our lives? Well, alongside simple entertainment in the form of games and movies (both X-rated and family-friendly), virtual reality can also bring us closer together. Whether that’s making long-distance sexual encounters possible, helping us to keep in contact with loved ones, or giving us the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Are you ready to make the most of it?

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