15 Sexual Kinks And Fetishes You Didn’t Know Existed

These aren’t weird sex fetishes as no fetish is too weird, however, it is important to talk to your partner about your kinks and desires.

Published Jul 27 2021 5 min read

You’ve probably heard of a foot fetish, bondage, and power play kinks, but what about the unheard ones? Sexual kinks and fetishes are wide and far between with so many unique sexual preferences but naturally, some kinks are more popular than others. It would simply be impossible to know or educate others on every single kink and fetish that exists because they are so unique to every individual. However, we have rounded up some of the most interesting, unique, and very real sexual fetishes. And who knows? Maybe you will discover a new kink to try in the bedroom.

It should be noted that as long as what you are into isn’t causing significant distress or harming others, it’s fine to start accepting what makes you unique and get your freak on. These aren’t weird sex fetishes as no fetish is too weird, however, it is important to talk to your partner about your kinks and desires, use safe words, gain enthusiastic consent and communicate throughout. 

What is the difference between kinks and fetishes?

These terms are often used interchangeably but not all kinks are fetishes. A fetish is a sexual attraction to inanimate objects, body parts, or situations not commonly viewed as being sexual in nature… while a kink is a broader term that includes a variety of sexual fantasies, behaviors, and preferences that are thought to be outside of the mainstream.

15 Sexual Kinks And Fetishes You Didn't Know Existed

Train fetish - Siderodromophilia

1. Siderodromophilia

Have you ever felt a certain kind of way toward a locomotive? You might just have a train kink! Siderodromophilia is defined as sexual arousal from riding in trains or feeling arousal from trains broadly, whether in them or not. This could even be simply from images or films that feature trains - some are more rooted in traditional sexual arousal. Perhaps the desire comes from wanting to have sex on a train? 


Crime fetish - Hybristophilia

2. Hybristophilia

Many people are repulsed by the idea of cold-blooded killers but for some, this is just the turn-on they want. You’ve heard the stories of criminal fan clubs, and quite often hybristophilia is referred to as Bonnie and Clyde syndrome. If you are into this, why not try some cops and robbers role play?


Machine fetish - Mechanophilia

3. Mechanophilia

Mechanophilia is the love between partners and machines, a broad term that could really be anything. The sexual attraction to machines incorporates bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters, ships, and airplanes. Now, this may range from a fascination regarding how machines work and move to have sex with a machine. There is even a niche area of porn in which mechanophilia is central as men and women literally have sex with machines and for some, this is a reality with one man admitting to having sex with over 700 machines.


Feces fetish - Coprophilia

4. Coprophilia

Coprophilia is the sexual arousal and pleasure from poop. Some people enjoy having their partner defecate on them, others enjoy watching someone being defecated on. You may wonder how someone could have a poop fetish and a recent study shows “that sexual arousal plays a critical role in counteracting disgust-induced avoidance via lowering the threshold for engaging in “disgusting sex.”” Whether the fetish started by accident whilst you were aroused or it’s always been a fascination of yours, this one can cause bacterial infections - so if you are interested in playing with feces ensure you do the necessary research so it is done as safely as possible. 


Insect fetish - Formicophilia

5. Formicophilia

Formicophilia is the sexual arousal from small insects, this isn’t too far away from a tickling fetish. If the sensations of bugs crawling over you make you want to rip your clothes off rather than making you feel like you’re part of a bush-tucker trial you may be into formicophilia. Those who practice this fetish often apply insects over their bodies, including genitals, and enjoy the feeling of bugs crawling over them whether this is tickling or stinging.


Fantasy of being eaten - Vorarephilia

6. Vorarephilia

Vorarephilia is when you are aroused by the fantasy or act of being eaten or eating another person or creature. Vorarephillia is based on the Latin word "vorare" which means to "devour". This one should very much stay a fantasy and is usually enjoyed through stories, videos, and video games, the real-life practice of vore usually involves role-playing situations! Fantasies aren’t limited to humans but also include fantasy creatures such as dragons and monsters eating the individual whole! 


Statues - Agalmatophilia

7. Agalmatophilia

Agalmatophiliia is when you are sexually attracted to human-like statues, dolls, mannequins. This could manifest itself through actual sexual contact, fantasies,, or even arousal from being transformed into one. Think sexy greek statues and you can get your head around this one.


Tickle fetish - Knismologania

8. Knismolagnia

Tickling can be hot, but this fetish is where people get aroused by the sensation of being tickled, tickling others, or watching someone get tickled. You don’t have to use traditional means of tickling - try exploring sensations with feathers, vibrators, or anything that has you feeling goosebumps. With over 80 million hits when you type Tickle Porn into google - this might be one kink you haven’t heard of but it appears not to be so uncommon.


Tree fetish - Dendrophilia

9. Dendrophilia

Some individuals with dendrophilia may take their “love of trees” to another level whilst others may just wish to protect these natural beauties. You might be thinking more about the scenic element which means you are turned on or enjoy having sex in the woods, near trees, but have no desire to engage with trees on a physical level.


Spanking fetish - Rhabdophilia

10. Rhabdophilia

Partial to a light spanking? Or maybe you enjoy being caned? Well, Rhabdophilia is your chosen sexual fetish, whether a sexual urge, fantasy, or preference many people who enjoy BDSM might enjoy rhabdophilia. It usually involves caning, flogging, flagellation and any other form of impact play you can think of.


Technology fetish - technosexuals

11. Technosexuals

As technology advances, the attraction to technology such as cyborgs, robots and sex machines could become more likely than ever. Some tehcnosexuals don’t require a human-esque frame to spark their desire. Research has found that some individuals are sexually attracted to voice-activated assistants such as Alexa.  From creating truly out-of-this-world surroundings through VR headsets to sex robots that emulate sexual intimacy people are becoming increasingly attracted to technology so much so that technosexuality is a sexual orientation accepted by many. 


Teddy fetish - Plushophilia

12. Plushophilia

Maybe you have an intense interest in teddys? Some people identify as having plushophilia even if their interest isn’t sexual but can be done by worship or intense devotion. Depending on just how much you love your soft teddy you could have plushophilia. Plushophilia can range from a deep interest in collecting teddies to using the plush for sexual gratification by creating a hole to penetrate. 

Eyeball fetish - Octolinctus

13. Oculolinctus

Oculolinctus is the enjoyment of licking your partner’s eyeballs or having their eyeballs licked, also known as worming. Oculolinctus gained traction when an internet hoax got picked up on by multiple news outlets, however, some people are into eyeball licking. We do not recommend this as it can be a dangerous fetish as the tongue can transfer bacteria to the eye resulting in eye infections.


Phone fetish - telephonicophilia

14. Telephonicophilia

Not uncommon but you may have been unaware that sexting and phone sex had a technical name! Telephonicophilia refers to sexual arousal from talking about erotic acts on the phone. Practicing dirty talk, and sexting can be a serious turn-on so this one is far more common than some of the others on the list.  


Injection fetish - Vaccinophilia

15. Vaccinophilia

Love having your flu jab? Enjoy watching the needle go in? The feeling of the vaccination liquid flooding your body? Maybe it borders on sensual arousal - and that’s what Vaccinophilia is. 

Start accepting what makes you unique and get your freak on as long as your are practicing your kinks safely.

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