How To Have The Ultimate Orgasmic Fantastic Date

Published May 24 2021 5 min read

How exactly do you create the ultimate sex date? 

Whether you and your partner have been together a lifetime or you are both new to each other, making time for you as a couple can be a little tricky. Now maybe planning sex takes the thrill out of it - but without planning, your orgasmic fantastic sex date might never happen! 

Susan Bratton intimacy advisor helps millions of lovers experience their most passionate lovemaking and now she is here to make your date night orgasmic. A game plan like you’ve never experienced before helping you create the most erotic experience possible for yourself and your partner.

As she shares everything for the hottest sex session you’ve ever experienced in this exclusive download that goes through step by step environment set up to the explosive orgasms you’ll experience.

The connection will be effortless because you’ve laid such a great foundation for lovemaking. Doing this extra preparation enables you to connect with someone else in total rapture. The world falls to the wayside. You allow yourself to just meet that person in pure joy, pure love, and pure connection.

When you prepare for lovemaking ahead of time you create a platform for hotter and sexier interaction in the heat of the moment. The kind of sex you have can be more exotic and erotic. Discover how you can let go and have orgasms that feel like your body is rebooting to another level of relaxation.

Intense orgasms reboot the computer system of your body, resetting your nervous system and allowing you to ground yourself back into a calm, collected, slow, comfortable and secure place. So when you make the setting as comfortable as possible, you stack the decks in your favor for having and giving your lover the best orgasms of your life.

One of the most important things about having an orgasmic fantastic sex date is that you allow yourself to tap into your desire in each moment. When you’re really listening to your body. Find out everything you need and more with Susan Bratton’s free gift that’ll help you have the best orgasmic sex date.


Increase pleasure, deepen orgasms, and tune into your bodies by downloading this free gift now for your most orgasmic fantastic sex date yet.

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