8 Types Of Anal Toys And How To Use Them

Get an idea of the best type of anal toys for both men and women and how you can use them to their full potential. 

Published Jun 01 2021 5 min read

Whether a newbie to anal toys or looking to extend your current collection you’ll find something that’ll have you enjoying full-body orgasms and new sensations. Get an idea of the best type of anal toys for both men and women and how you can use them to their full potential. 

There are plenty of types of anal toys out there on the market and as ever it is very important to purchase sex toys that are intended for anal insertion for the very best P-spot and A-spot orgasms. Your anal sphincter muscles can suck up small items, leading to a very stressful and potentially dangerous situation. Before inserting anything into your anus you should get clued up on exploring both anal training and anal preparation

Whenever you use any kind of anal toys make sure you apply lube generously - unlike the vaginal canal, the anus is not self-lubricating so to avoid any discomfort or tears regularly applying lubrication is very important. The type of lube you should use depends on what you are using it with, for example, silicone lube is great for anal sex but should never be used with silicone-based sex toys, as it can cause them to break down over time. Oil-based lube lasts a while but is messy and can’t be used with latex condoms, whilst water-based lubes are versatile but they do dry out quickly so you need to reapply often and generously.

  • Butt plugs
  • Anal beads
  • Prostate stimulation toys
  • Anal dildos
  • Wand attachments
  • Anal hooks
  • Pegging harnesses
  • Glass dildos and anal plugs

    Butt plugs

    Butt plugs are great for experimentation - regardless of sex. For people with prostates, it can hit the P-spot producing pleasurable sensations, whilst for people with vulva's, butt plugs create a tighter, fuller sensation when penetrated vaginally and can stimulate the A-spot and G-spot if it’s a vibrating butt plug. This can be perfect for those who enjoy a feeling of fullness anally and is a great place to start if you or your partner want to explore anal stimulation further.

    Butt plugs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, although it’s recommended to start with something small and work your way up to larger sizes as you train your sphincter with an anal training kit. This will help to increase flexibility, making anal penetration less painful. Ensure you always use plenty of water-based lube! All butt plugs have flared bases to keep the sex toy firmly anchored outside your body without the need for a harness - this avoids any horror story trips to the emergency room.

    Best Types Of Anal Se Toy B-Vibe Novice Butt Plug

    B-Vibe Novice Butt Plug

    This butt plug set is perfect for anal beginners, with varying levels of vibrations and a remote control, this butt plug can kick your sex life up a notch as you incorporate it into penetrative and oral sex, for some mind-blowing sensations.



    Anal beads

    Anal beads fall into the same ‘family’ as butt plugs and prostate massagers but are very different, usually a string of spheres varying in size on a silicone wand, sometimes vibrating and sometimes not. Anal beads are perfect for novices and anal play connoisseurs alike - they should be a staple within your collection whether you have prostate or not. 

    Unlike butt plugs, anal beads are not designed to stay put, but rather pleasure is gained from moving them in and out, stimulating various spots within the anal sphincter. 

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Anal Beads

    BASICS Anal Beads

    With anal beads the simplicity of them is what works - so if you’re starting out this teasing string of 10 graduated anal beads with a safety handle at the end is perfect for exploring the world of anal toys.



    Prostate stimulation toys

    The benefits of prostate massage (a.k.a the P-spot) are underappreciated and underutilized in its sourcing of male pleasure. Especially when paired with penis stimulation, prostate toys can feel otherworldly. 

    Prostate toys usually provide constant stimulation to the prostate through vibrations. Many prostate toys also offer targeted stimulation to the perineum (the skin between the testicles and anus), which vibrates against the prostate making it possible to orgasm from the vibrations alone.

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Prostate Massager


    The world’s first bendable vibrator, Crescendo has infinite possibilities - the slim design, body-safe silicone, and bendability make anal play smooth and indulging, even for those nervous about anal play. Feel orgasmic bliss with the 6 motors stimulating every inch inside of you and discover why sexperts rave about the powerful anal orgasms.


    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Thor Prostate Massager

    Thor Prostate Massager

    A girthy, remote-controlled prostate massager with a dual motor design powering a 360 rotating P-spot head and a vibrating perineum head. This is probably more suited to an experienced prostate player as it is both large and powerful! 



    Anal dildos

    Most dildos sport a phallic-shaped look that is meant to simulate penetration with various lengths and girths. From the scary 3 foot tall ‘super dildo’ to the more realistic (and manageable) 6 inch-ers.

    Dildos usually sport a flared base making them great for anal penetration - perfect for those who enjoy a fuller feeling. You can even try incorporating a harness for a pegging experience - this allows your partner to go hands-free.

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys New York Sex Toy Collection Dildo

    New York Toy Collective

    Using dual-density platinum silicone, they are a favorite brand amongst dildo connoisseurs. What’s more, you can add all the bells and whistles with the range of accessories on offer including harnesses, insertable vibes, and love bumps. The suction cup attached to each dildo means you can prop the dildo up and explore butt play by yourself.



    Wand Attachments

  • Wand vibrators can initially seem a little daunting with their large exterior, but they dominate the sex toy market for a very good reason. They hit you with strong, powerful vibrations - perfect for individuals who prefer intense stimulation to get them climaxing. And what has recently come to the market is wand attachments so you can change up your usual wand vibrator to make it suitable for anal penetration. Matching the power of magic with the precision of P-spot attachment for orgasmic release.

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Wand Attachment P-Spot

    Wand Essentials P-Spot Magic Wand Attachment

    Depending on what existing wand you have will depend on the attachments you can purchase. Lovehoney’s wand attachments match the power of a magic wand with the precision of P-spot attachment for orgasmic release. It’s the perfect way to give your sex toy a second lease of life by turning it into a new one.



    Anal Hooks

    Not for the faint-hearted, these unforgiving metal hooks are an anal BDSM dream. Forcing you to stay completely still, this sex toy needs a lot of trust behind it. Anal hooks can enhance anal stimulation, on average the hooks look a lot like a curved steel rod with a ball on one end and a loop on the other to suspend the submissive. The most common use for an anal hook is through the incorporation of rope play however this is no beginner’s task. The pressure applied by the anal hook treads the line of pleasure and pain, and sudden movements can cause painful anal tearing if you aren’t cautious and well-versed in anal BDSM. 

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Anal Hooks

    DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Anal Hook

    Only to be used by experienced predicament bondage players this unisex device can be used for G-spot and P-spot stimulation and the detachable ball makes cleaning easy. The 6 inches of stainless steel offers precise internal sensations. 



    Pegging harnesses 

    If you are interested in trying out prostate play then pegging can be a great way for you and your partner to explore together. The male G-spot is located in the prostate, so it is full of nerve endings and the stimulation can help you achieve a powerful, full-body orgasm. 

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Harness

    Underwear Harness

    To peg successfully you need a good quality harness and dildo, Rodeoh has some of the best for quality, minimalist harness models on the market. Excited to try out pegging then go beyond the outdated and uncomfortable “buckles and straps” style of harness, and enjoy these ground-breaking comfortable harnesses. You can fit your very own anal dildo into the O ring or purchase one of RoeoH’s so you can start your pegging exploration.



    Glass dildos and anal plugs

    Glass dildos and anal plugs combine aesthetic and pleasure. Don’t worry about them breaking as they are made with reinforced glass that doesn’t shatter, so you don’t need to be shy about using them. You can even experiment with temperature play by heating up and cooling down the glass sex toys. Once again remember not to mix up G-spot glass sex toys and anal sex toys - as you don’t want any trips to accident and emergency. 

    Best Types Of Anal Sex Toys Glass Butt Plug

    Lovehoney Small Heart Glass Butt Plug 3 Inch

    This heart glass butt plug is certainly heartfelt, you can use any lubrication and experiment with temperature play! Not to mention it will make your derriere the cutest around.


    Now that you are clued up enjoy exploring anal sex toys with orgasmic results! 

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