Torture Garden: Inside London’s Most Notorious Fetish Night

Torture Garden began back in 1990 when fetish and S&M was still considered pretty taboo by society. Yet, now it attracts around 800-2500 kinksters a month, keen to explore their naughtier sides.

Published May 08 2018 7 min read

Torture Garden began back in 1990 when fetish and S&M was still considered pretty taboo by society. Yet, now it attracts around 800-2500 kinksters a month, keen to explore their naughtier sides.

We interviewed four kinky pleasure seekers, under their aliases, about their experiences at one of London’s most notorious fetish nights, Torture Garden – that’s TG to the freaks who know (and now you know).

1. How did you find out about Torture Garden?

?G-Kisser: I initially heard about it through a friend and then did some research of my own. I’d been looking to explore the fetish/kink scene a bit more so this seemed like a great opportunity.

?An Anonymous Cat: I first heard of TG about 8 years ago, from a friend or from Time Out, I can’t remember. TG is fairly well known even in mainstream papers, it’s hardly a secret party…

?Sydney B: I heard about it originally through someone I matched with on Tinder but I ended up coming for the first time with someone from work.

?The Little Red Devil: I’d heard about it through a few grapevines, but a friend invited me to join them on their first time and we took the plunge together.

2. Have you been to any other sex clubs or play parties? How do they compare to Torture Garden?

?An Anonymous Cat: I went to a few slightly kinky or hedonistic parties before. Burlesque, dress up, gay and drag extravaganza, etc… but it’s only last year that I finally went to TG, which was my first “real” sex party. Been to quite a few various ones since then, TG is maybe not the most original one on my list, but a good classic.

?Sydney B: TG was the first one I had been to, but I have since been to Antichrist and Killing Kittens. I would say TG and Antichrist are very similar and you see a lot of overlap in the people who attend; KK is a very different crowd and it’s a completely different experience!

?G-Kisser: I’d been to [a play party] before which wasn’t exactly what I’d expected/was hoping for (it was an off night apparently) but definitely piqued my interest and left me wanting more.

?The Little Red Devil: I’d gone to The Kit Kat Club in Berlin and a Killing Kittens party before. But TG was something entirely unique. From the leather to the harnesses, and from the couples playroom to the dungeon, it was as if I’d stepped into Satan’s lair for sexual deviants.


3. Describe the outfit you wore and your decision behind it.

?The Little Red Devil: I managed to borrow a red PVC matching bra and thong with silver chains. I then created my character of “The Little Red Devil” by adding red horns and a devils tail. I love to become something totally different from my daily self, so I can fully let go and torture people with my whip.

?G-Kisser: I picked a jock strap and full body harness as well as a full-body mesh suit (just to have another layer). I loved the harness, it felt and looked sexy – the jockstrap too. The mesh suit also complemented the outfit as well. I took a lot of trouble to order/choose the right outfit because I knew the effort that people would be putting in and I wanted something that I could use again!

?Sydney B: I wore an oversized black mesh t-shirt that I’d sewn numbers onto the back of like a sports shirt and underneath I had fishnet underwear on. I also wore garter suspenders and giant clompy boots. I was mainly inspired by American football kits, but I also wanted an excuse to go out wearing a t-shirt and underwear as that’s the comfiest thing you can wear!

4. Did Torture Garden match any expectations you may have had?

?G-Kisser: It definitely exceeded expectations. I went with great people which definitely helped (we could get into the couples room that way), it would have been a totally different experience if I’d gone on my own. Not necessarily worse but different. I’d not been to [a Torture Garden] before and what struck me was the sheer amount of love, care and effort that went into people’s costumes. Everyone was very polite and everyone was into it – all your inhibitions sort of dissolved in the atmosphere.

?An Anonymous Cat: I must say, the first time I had group sex (at my first TG last year), it was exactly as good and exciting as I had fantasised! Which was a bit of a surprise to be honest, I had read on the internet that group sex was always awkward, so I had no big expectations…

?Sydney B: I had no idea what to expect when I went to TG for the first time – I had heard they were really strict with the dress code so I was mainly worried that they would turn me away for not being dressed up enough! I ended up being most surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone was, and how safe I felt all evening – they take very good care of you.

?The Little Red Devil: I wanted to go with no expectations, but naturally I fantasised about all of the naughty things that would happen. The reality – was – so – much – better. I didn’t want the night to end.


5. What shocked/excited/scared you the most?

?Sydney B: I think the dungeon can be quite intimidating when you first walk in, as obviously some people go to stuff like TG to do intense things like rigging that they can’t really do at home. The performances are always really impressive, as are some people’s outfits – I can’t even imagine how much effort some of them put in!

?An Anonymous Cat: You’d need quite a lot to shock me. Plus, [the most recent] TG was a rather tame one, in terms of kinky practices and edge play. But it had a good sexy sensual vibe which led to rather exciting and spontaneous play with a certain red devil and a few other mischievous creatures. I had to tie some of them to make them behave.

?G-Kisser: Just the fact that everyone was there to explore and enjoy each other and the space that was created. There was no judgement, I didn’t feel inhibited in any way – it was inspiring really. I’m very interested in how these places/nights/clubs act as a generative space where people feel encouraged and empowered to create their own identities and explore their fantasies. I want to do more of that myself so like I said it’s an inspiring place to be.

?The Little Red Devil: What shocked me the most was how delightfully respectful everyone was. The strict consent policies meant that everyone would ask whether you’d like to be touched or kissed – and respected you when you said no. That made me feel so much safer than I’d ever felt in any normal club! What excited me the most was how hard people (consensually) whipped me – I was left with bruises that have taken weeks to fade.

6. How did you feel before and after your night at Torture Garden?

?G-Kisser: Before I was excited, after I was even more excited.

?Sydney B: Before – nervous but excited. After – worn out but already looking forward to the next one.

?The Little Red Devil: I felt pretty anxious about how hardcore it was going to be. When in fact the atmosphere was so warm that I was left feeling enchanted and incredibly aroused.

7. Would you go back to Torture Garden?

?G-Kisser: I definitely would. I get the sense that it’s the kind of thing where every time you go your experience will be different. I’d encourage others who are on the cusp but maybe slightly intimidated by the concept to go and give it a try. Getting out of your comfort zone is part of what makes the experience so great.

?An Anonymous Cat: I’ll definitely be back, to me this kind of freedom is an important part of my idea of a party. I like the Bacchanalian aspect. You party to let go of your inhibitions, and merge with the crowd, their sweat, their flesh. It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual. Sometimes you just dance until you collapse. Other times you end up so deeply entangled with others that you don’t know which bit of skin is yours, and which is not…

?Sydney B: Definitely! Everyone is so wonderful and welcoming.

?The Little Red Devil: I’m definitely going back. I’ve already bought my ticket to the next one! The main reason being… I didn’t get tied up last time by a certain cat, and have regretted it ever since.

So, if you’re considering joining these kinksters at the next TG, it seems they would advise you to take the plunge! They have monthly events in London and across the world. 

So why not let go of your inhibitions, and push the boundaries of your sensual intimacy? Or perhaps you may want to attend as a voyeur of the torturous delights. The beauty of this fetish night is you can state your boundaries and release them as much as you please.

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