Tips And Tricks For Hands Free Orgasms

A hands free orgasm is exactly what it sounds like - an orgasm with no hands. If that sounds impossible, we’re about to reveal how to have a hands free orgasm with these tips and tricks to help you achieve that fantastic hands-free finish either by yourself or with a partner.

Published Aug 25 2022 12 min read

Orgasms are incredible, whether self-achieved or in the throes of sexual activity with a partner. If you are looking to stir things up a little, hands free orgasms are a great way to up the ante in the bedroom. They introduce an element of mystery and excitement and giving up a little control by keeping your hands to yourself can make for more intense and pleasurable orgasms.  

A hands free orgasm helps you focus on all the sensations going on with your body as you reach sexual climax while also enabling you to focus on other sensations you might not have noticed when you are busy with your hands. If that sounds impossible, stay with us because we’re about to make it possible with these tips and tricks to help you achieve that fantastic hands-free finish.  

How To Have A Hands Free Orgasm

What Is A Hands Free Orgasm?  

When you think about achieving an orgasm, it may be difficult to imagine doing so without that helping hand since we rely heavily on our sense of touch to bring us to that crescendo of pleasure. With a hands free orgasm, you can climax without using your hands to touch your erogenous zones, which can put you more in touch with your sexuality and allows you to experience pleasure in a new way. This can be achieved either by yourself during solo masturbation or with a partner during sex.   

While there is some crossover, a hands free orgasm is not to be confused with a touch-free orgasm. A touch-free orgasm is an orgasm that involves no physical contact or physical stimulation of any kind. Hands free orgasms can still involve physical stimulation, just not your hands. Touch-free orgasms rely on sensory stimulation from non-physical activities like sex meditationerotic audio, or ASMR to achieve orgasm.  

How To Have A Hands-Free Orgasm On Your Own  

Having a hands free orgasm on your own is a great way to switch things up during solo play. And the fun part is that there are many ways to do this. When having solo sex, the best ways to achieve an orgasm without using any hands include: 

1. Use remote-controlled sex toys

If you’ve had some experience using sex toys during solo play, remote control sex toys must have come to your mind when you read the title of this article. Remote control vibrators are considerably appealing because they can be used discreetly, like the portable G-spot vibrator Poco. What makes them ‘remote’ is their Bluetooth technology, which allows them to be controlled either by an accompanying smartphone app or a companion remote control device. There are clitoral vibrators, prostate vibrators, and other Bluetooth sex toys to play around with.

Mount Your Sex Toys Like Crescendo 2 In Solo Rodeo

2. Mount your sex toys

While sex toys are typically handheld, there are several options you can mount to help you reach a climax. Dildos and suction cup sex toys both come in mountable variations. While most people prefer mounting their sex toys on a wall, you can mount them wherever you feel most comfortable. This could be on a chair or on the floor. Some sex toys, like the bendable Crescendo 2 vibrator, are ultra-flexible and can be shaped into the perfect mount, like the Solo Rodeo position from the MysteryVibe playbook, which is great for women and people with vulvas. In this position, bend Crescendo 2 at a comfortable mount angle, either on the floor or any flat surface, and use your body weight to enjoy a hands-free ride.  

3. Use a wearable vibrator

Using a wearable vibrator like the Tenuto 2 vibrator is a great, low-effort way to achieve genital stimulation without your hands during solo play. This unique male wearable vibrator can help you attain harder erections while lasting longer, leading to more drawn-out and enjoyable orgasms.   

4. Whip out your shower head

It’ll surprise you how multifunctional your shower head can be, especially when you introduce it into your sex life. Shower heads are often the bunt jokes, but for many vulva owners, they were an introduction to genital stimulation. A shower head with excellent water pressure makes for a fantastic DIY sex toy. Get comfortable by setting the mood with low lighting and some candles. Set the water temperature to a comfortable point, where it’s not too hot but not too cold, then aim the shower head at whichever pleasure point you like and feel waves of pleasure as your orgasm builds. Water play is a convenient way to have some privacy if you live in a shared space.  

5. You can dry hump, too

If you thought that dry humping could only be achieved during partnered play, think again. You can dry hump on your own during solo play and enjoy it. The trick is finding a position and item that hits the sweet spot while also pleasing you and making you comfortable. The most commonly used item is a pillow. Lie down, place a pillow between your legs, and rub against it until you climax. You can also get resourceful and use comfortable furniture, like the arm of a chair or the corner of your bed. For people with penises, you can try rolling up the pillow or putting your penis between two cushions.  

6. Orgasm in your sleep

Admittedly, this sounds wild, but sleep orgasms are a thing (science has confirmed it). A study from The Journal of Sex Research found that 37% of women had experienced sleep orgasms and 83% of men. The latter may not come as a surprise, considering ‘wet dreams’ dominated the conversation around male puberty, but women can experience them too. While you have little control over what goes on with your body as you sleep, it’s possible to set yourself up for a sleep orgasm. Begin by setting the erotic energy before sleeping by watching porn or listening to audio porn before you sleep. You can also begin masturbating but stop yourself just as you are about to climax (aka edging). Then, allow those sweet hormones to let you drift to sleep, and you might just get a sleep orgasm. Research suggests that sleeping on your stomach can help trigger a sleep orgasm. While the orgasm isn’t guaranteed, getting set up for it is still a fun sexual experience to indulge in.   

7. Sign up for a coregasm

Did you know you can get an orgasm while working out? Especially when working out your core. In a 2011 study, researchers found ‌some women could experience sexual pleasure when exercising. This is likely to only happen with a small percentage of women, but if you’ve ever experienced sexual pleasure while in the gym, you might be on the verge of discovering a new way to orgasm. If you feel the sensations coming on, keep your mind focused on them and continue with the exercise that spurred them, and you might just orgasm.  

8. Have a breathtaking experience with orgasmic breathing

Breathing exercises, like deep breathing techniques, are a great way to relax your nerves when anxious or stressed, and you might not have known that they can also bring you to orgasm. Breathing your way into orgasm can be challenging. It requires intentional breathing and focus, but it can help you become more in tune with the things that bring you pleasure during all sexual activity, so it’s worth trying. To try orgasmic breathing, take deep, slow breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. With every inhale, imagine your breath going down to your pelvis.  

9. Hypnotize yourself into an orgasm

Movies and popular culture may have given the idea of hypnosis a bad reputation, but erotic hypnosis can help you unlock mind-blowing orgasms. The phrase erotic hypnosis might seem a little complicated. A simple way to think about it is putting yourself in a deep meditative state that will help you achieve an orgasm. Not sure where to start? Look up guided erotic hypnosis videos on the internet and start there.   

10. Let your fantasies do the work

Your mind plays a powerful role in controlling your orgasms. You can harness the power of your mind to help you get an orgasm while having sexual fantasies. Take a deep breath, relax and think of your hottest fantasies. Play it out scene by scene without touching yourself. Before you know it, you’ll become awash with waves of pleasure.   

How To Have A Hands Free Orgasm With A Partner

How To Have A Hands Free Orgasm With Your Partner  

Exploring hands free orgasms with your partner can help take your sex life to unexplored terrains. When doing this with a partner, ‌try to surrender control over your orgasm to your partner. Trust that they can get you there, sometimes without your help or input, and even if they don’t, it’ll be one wild ride to remember. Not sure where to start? Consider these tips:  

1. Bump and Grind

Dry humping is an underrated sexual activity often neglected when a couple begins to engage in penetrative sex. Grinding against your partner’s genitals while avoiding using your hands to touch your erogenous zones keeps the focus centered on those pleasure points. Alternatively, you can try to grind on different parts of your partner’s body, like their leg, and let them watch you in the throes of passion.    

2. Let’s not forget scissoring

Some people might lump scissoring and dry humping together, but they are not quite the same. With scissoring, there needs to be direct genital contact between you and your partner. While some friction can feel good while scissoring, too much friction may cause pain. To avoid this, simply use a lot of lube   

3. Be the vibrator

Using a wearable vibrator with your partner is an excellent way to up the ante in the bedroom. By wearable, we mean something you don’t have to hold with your hand to give genital stimulation, so set it and forget it. Many panty vibrators are wearable vibrators for women (and discreetly for public play). And wearables exist for men, too, like Tenuto 2. The Tenuto 2 is the only male wearable vibrator designed for him with partner pleasure in mind. Not only does Tenuto 2’s powerful vibrations stimulate the penis and perineum, but it stimulates a partner’s clitoris and vulva, all without the aid of hands.    

4. Hand over the control

You can use remote control vibrators to bring each other pleasure or engage in mutual masturbation without the physical contact of your hands. Hand over control (literally and figuratively) to your partner and allow them to play with you as they please. Your partner will enjoy feeling control over your pleasure, and you’ll enjoy the experience of surrendering to their devious whims. If you and your partner are up to it, you can try spicing up date night by bringing your remote control vibrator to a safe public space for some adventure.  

5. Bring in some restraints

What better way to ensure a hands free orgasm than restraining your partner so they can’t use their hands (with their consent, of course). You can use cuffs or anything you have handy, like a tie or a scarf. When experimenting with restraints, it’s essential to ensure that the restrained person is comfortable. Establishing healthy boundaries before you begin is good practice, like safe words and/or non-verbal cues. Relax and trust that your partner has your best interest in mind if you are the restrained one. A good way to calm nerves is to face each other and start with foreplay. Introduce kisses and light nibbles, use your legs to establish more physical contact, and increase intimacy.  

6. Use just your mouth

The mouth is a powerfully expressive body part and can be used to bring about an orgasmic experience. The most obvious expression of using your mouth is hands-free oral sex. Everyone loves oral sex, and while it’s common to use helping hands during oral, this hands-free variation presents an exciting challenge to really dial in those oral skills. Pro Tip: If oral sex with no hands isn’t enough stimulation for your partner, try donning a Bluetooth vibrator while your partner goes down on you, it can kick sensations up a notch. 

Oral sex isn’t the only way to use your mouth to achieve that coveted no-hands orgasm. The body is ripe with many pleasure points, and this is an opportunity to discover your partner’s body mindfully and intentionally. Ask your partner to roam your erogenous zones with nothing but their mouths. The mixture of heat from their mouths and saliva can produce very pleasing sensations (and the visual alone is erotic by itself). If you have sensitive nipples and enjoy nipple play, you’ll enjoy this (and yes, nipple orgasms are a thing, too!).   

7. Make it a feet affair

No hands allowed? Why not opt for the next best thing, your feet. Using your feet to please your partner might seem a little unusual, but it can be a fun and erotic way to get each other off. For those who don’t have foot fetishes, rubbing your feet against your partner’s erogenous zones or genitals can produce amazing sensations and even an orgasm. For people with penises, try a footjob; it’s like a hand job but using feet instead of hands for stimulation. For vulva owners, take a dip into toe fingering or ‘toeing,’ which involves penetration of the vagina with toes.   

8. Try out tantric sex

Tantric sex focuses on a wide range of techniques to establish a more intimate and emotional sexual connection between you and your partner. While the focus of tantric sex isn’t orgasm, many hands-free tantric techniques like soul-gazing, which involves sustained and intentional eye contact, and conscious breathing can all help elicit intense orgasms.   

How To Have A Hands Free Orgasm

There are many ways to get a great orgasm, whether on your own or with a sexual partner. If you’ve been restless in the bedroom, hands free orgasms are a great way to spice things up. It also helps that there isn’t just one way to achieve a hands free orgasm. With these tips and tricks, the possibilities for hands-free pleasure are endless. You don’t have to dive into all these tips and tricks simultaneously. Start at a pace you feel most comfortable with and build up to trying the more risqué́ ways of achieving your hands free orgasm. 

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