3 Tantric Sex Positions That Enhance Intimacy

In this article, we'll dive into the practice of tantric sex positions that aim to enhance orgasms and deepen the connection with your partner. Keep reading!

Published Aug 18 2023 4 min read

The quest for more profound, fulfilling experiences in the bedroom often leads us to explore new paradigms, techniques, and practices that take us beyond the typical boundaries of sexual pleasure. One such avenue known and celebrated for centuries is the alluring world of tantric sex, a practice rooted in ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Tantra fosters a deeper connection between partners, cultivating a more mindful, intimate, and sensual approach to pleasure. In this article, we'll dive into the practice of tantric sex positions that aim to enhance orgasms and deepen the connection with your partner.  

How to create an atmosphere for tantric connection  

1. Create comfortable ambiance 

Before diving into tantric sex positions, creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and intimacy is essential. Ensure the space is clean, cozy, and arranged with soft lighting, plush pillows, and blankets. You may also include scented candles, incense, or essential oils to enhance the sensual ambiance further.  

2. Breath mindfully and meditate 

Begin your tantric experience with mindful breathing exercises and meditation. Sit face-to-face with your partner, gazing into their eyes, and synchronize your breaths. This process helps create a sense of harmony and connection, setting the stage for breathtaking experiences.  

3 tantric sex positions 

1. Yab-yum 

One of the classic tantric sex positions, Yab-yum, has the receiving partner (typically the woman) sitting on the lap of the giving partner (the man), with their legs wrapped around each other. This position encourages deep physical closeness, enhancing eye contact and allowing for synchronized breaths. As you exchange intimate caresses and explore each other's bodies, the position creates a profound connection and energy flow that heightens arousal and intensity.  

2. The Goddess Pose 

In this position, the receiving partner lies on their back while the giving partner straddles their partner in a squatting position, feet firmly placed on the ground or sturdy surface. The Goddess Pose is reminiscent of Cowgirl with the female partner on top. This position gives the top partner control of the depth of penetration and speed while encouraging eye-contact and close connection for enhanced intimacy.  

3. The Relaxed Arch  

In the relaxed arch position, the penetrating partner sits upright on the bed or floor with their legs extended straight. Then, the receiving partner will get on their knees and sit on the penetrating partner's lap. Once they're comfortable, they can slowly lean back and arch their back. Then, they can rest their head between the penetrating partner's legs. This position creates a deep connection and allows for synchronized breathing. 


In embracing the world of tantric sex, we open ourselves to deeper intimacy, connection, and pleasure beyond our imaginations. By practicing tantric positions and cultivating a profound understanding of our partners, ourselves, and our sexual energies, we forge unbreakable bonds and experience mind-blowing, transformative experiences.  

By discovering and mastering tantric sex positions, you will deepen your intimate connection with your partner and embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, embodying the essence of your sensual nature. With open hearts, open minds, and a willingness to explore the vast realms of pleasure and intimacy, the world of Tantra opens its doors, providing a pathway to deeper, more fulfilling connections and the most unforgettable experiences. 

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