4 Submissive Sex Positions To Try With A Trusted Partner

Dive into submissive sex as we explore sex positions designed to foster trust, build connection, and heighten pleasure between you and your trusted partner.

Published Aug 21 2023 3 min read

For those who find themselves intrigued by all things submissive, discovering new positions that embody this mindset can be a thrilling journey. Submissive sex represents a consensual power exchange between partners, where one person surrenders control, allowing the other to take the lead. When approached with clear communication and understanding, this dynamic can intensify emotions and awaken new dimensions of desire. So, here are 4 submissive sex positions to try out.   

1. The bound guard 

In this position, the submissive partner lies on their back, hands secured above their head with a soft blindfold or scarf. The dominant partner carefully straddles them, facing their feet. This position allows the dominant partner to control penetration, ensuring a slow, controlled pace while the submissive partner remains deliciously restrained. 

2. The controlled deep throat 

In this oral sex-focused position, the submissive partner kneels in front of the dominant partner, who is standing. The submissive partner cradles their head in the dominant partner's hands to create a sense of control and ensure a comfortable pace and depth for both parties.  

3. The trusting leash

For this position, the submissive partner assumes the traditional doggy-style position, either on their hands and knees or their elbows and knees for additional support. The dominant partner stands, kneels, or squats behind them, holding a leash attached to a collar around their partner’s throat. This position allows the dominant partner to control the depth and pace of thrusts while utilizing the leash as a symbol of control and dominance. 

4. The helpless plunge

In this advanced position, the submissive partner lies on their back with their hands bound above their heads. The dominant partner holds the submissive partner's ankles and positions them on their shoulders to control the depth and angle of penetration. This position requires excellent communication, as well as physical flexibility and strength from both partners.  

The benefits of submissive sex positions 

The consensual exploration of submissive sex positions presents a myriad of tantalizing benefits that can foster deeper connections and heighten pleasure. Some of these benefits include:  

  • Empowering vulnerability: Surrendering control and embracing vulnerability can be immensely liberating, opening the door to increased trust and intimacy. 
  • Enhancing emotional connection: Experimenting with submissive positions encourages open communication, fostering stronger emotional bonds between partners. 
  • Expanding the arousal spectrum: The dynamics of taking control or relinquishing it can add an exhilarating and novel dimension to your sexual activities. 

Safety in submissive sex 

Safely and effectively exploring submissive sex positions relies heavily on trust, communication, and adherence to several safety guidelines: 

  • Communicate openly with your partner about your desires, preferences, and boundaries. Establishing mutually agreed-upon safe words is a crucial first step. 
  • Check in with each other frequently to ensure comfort, and heed any signs of distress or discomfort. 
  • Prioritize safety by having a pair of safety shears or EMT scissors on hand to quickly cut restraints if necessary. 
  • Remember that consent is paramount. Engaging in submissive sex positions requires a consensual agreement between all parties at all times. 


Submissive sex positions offer a realm of exploration for those fascinated by power dynamics and vulnerability. When approached with open communication, trust, and consent, these positions present an opportunity to deepen emotional connections and elevate pleasure. As you embark on your journey of submissive adventures, remember to prioritize consent, safety, and communication above all else. By embracing these fascinating experiences, you can unlock the doorway to a world of unparalleled connection, trust, and satisfaction. 

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