5 Steamy Mirror Sex Positions to Try

To ignite imagination and make the most of this visual adventure, we provide five steamy mirror sex positions that will surely add an electrifying spark!

Published Aug 15 2023 3 min read

One exciting way to elevate your intimate encounters is by incorporating mirrors—a powerful visual prop that can add a thrilling, voyeuristic element to your play. Using mirrors during sex allows for a shared experience and adds a layer of visual excitement to your lovemaking. The presence of mirrors can heighten the senses, encouraging a new level of connection between you and your partner. When you absorb the sight of your bodies entwined and the expressions of pleasure etched on your faces, it creates a new level of arousal. Sharing these steamy moments of passion can lead to a deeper bond and an unforgettable experience. 

To ignite your imagination and make the most of this stimulating visual adventure, we provide five steamy mirror sex positions that will surely add an electrifying spark to your bedroom repertoire.   

1. Gazing reflection

This position allows for direct eye contact with your partner's reflection, creating an alluring and intimate connection. Place a large mirror on the wall before a sturdy surface, such as a bed or couch, to set the stage. You may also place an additional mirror at the side. 

One partner bends over the surface while keeping their feet on the ground, while the other partner stands behind. As you engage in passionate thrusts, maintain eye contact through the mirror, intensifying the experience for both partners.  

2. Sensual seated encounter 

Introduce elevation to your mirror play by utilizing a chair, which provides support for a more comfortable and versatile experience.   

Position a full-length mirror in front of a sturdy, armless chair where one partner can sit while the other partner straddles them and faces the mirror. This seated position enables eye contact through the reflection and arousal from the visual display of your entwined bodies.   

Feel free to adjust the angle and depth of penetration for increased comfort and pleasure during this steamy encounter. 

3. Reflected cowgirl 

The cowgirl position is a sexual position that is enjoyed by many for its empowering perspective and the high level of control it offers. However, adding a mirror to the mix can enhance the experience by providing extra visual stimulation.   

Ideally, you'll want to place the mirror at a location where it's easily visible from both your positions. You might need to rearrange your furniture a bit to get the perfect angle. A mirror placed on the side can offer a profile view for both partners. Alternatively, a mirror placed at the foot of the bed can provide a full frontal view, but only for the receiving partner. 

4. A passionate embrace 

In this position, both partners face the mirror for a full view of their connected bodies. Stand a few feet from the mirror, with one partner facing it and the other standing behind. The front-facing partner leans against the mirror while the other holds their hips or waist.  

This visually stimulating encounter allows you both to observe your passionate expressions and caress each other's bodies while exploring a range of movements and depths. 

5. Lowered doggy style 

The doggy style position is a classic, and a favorite among many couples. However, it’s always fun to take things up a notch. The lowered doggystyle position starts with the receiver being on their hands and knees, while the giver kneels behind them. The receiving partner lowers down to their stomach, and the giver lowers down with them, essentially being on top.   

A common setup is to place the mirror to the side, but it can also be placed in front of you. The giver can watch themselves and their partner, and the receiver can also look up and catch a glimpse of the action. 


By incorporating these five steamy mirror sex positions into your intimate encounters, you can add an enticing visual element that boosts arousal, passion, and pleasure. Mirrors not only enhance the intimate connection shared between partners but also provide a captivating, voyeuristic experience that adds excitement and intrigue to your sexual activities. 

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