Sextech Salon With Susan Bratton: Sexual Soulmates & Seduction Secrets

Introducing this savvy seductress, Susan Bratton, as part of our Sextech Salon; discussing sexual soulmates and seduction secrets. What is Personal Life Media and how did you get into it?

Published Nov 16 2018 6 min read

Introducing this savvy seductress, Susan Bratton, as part of our Sextech Salon; discussing sexual soulmates and seduction secrets.

What is Personal Life Media and how did you get into it?

Sextech Salon with Susan Bratton: Sexual Soulmates & Seduction Secrets

After a decade of marriage, my husband and I almost divorced over our loss of intimacy.

We decided to get honest with each other, about our true feelings regarding our sex life. That helped us understand the root of our disconnection.

Instead of losing each other we decided to learn some sex techniques. We attended a number of workshops and after applying our newfound skills, we grew closer than ever to each other.

Getting good together in bed was a renaissance in our relationship. And as we saw most of our friends divorcing we realised there was an opportunity in the market.

We began creating online programs that taught passionate lovemaking techniques, advanced orgasm skills and bedroom communication strategies that lovers could experience in the privacy of their own homes.

Thus was born our publishing company a dozen years ago. and we now have 25 employees, 325,000 daily newsletter readers and a thriving, rewarding family business. On top of that, our marriage and sex life have never been better and our pleasure is off the charts.

Some of our titles include: The Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection, Multi-Orgasmic Lover, Keep Her Coming, Squirt Your Heart Out, Female Liquid Orgasm, The Seduction Trilogy, Revive Her Drive, The Passion Patch, The Blow Job Secret, Relationship Magic and Sexual Soulmates.

Sextech Salon with Susan Bratton: Sexual Soulmates & Seduction Secrets

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I’ve always wanted to be a Chief Executive Officer… and a business woman. I fantasised about wearing power suits and carrying luxury briefcases even as a girl.

I was a Silicon Valley startup executive at the beginning of the Internet. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur my whole life. I’ve always loved business.

My company is a tech company. We run all of our own infrastructure that we’ve built ourselves. I’m living my dream helping people have great sex while being a tech CEO.

What was your sex education like growing up?

Excellent. I was in the 10% of kids who got a good sex education at home. My parents have always been very progressive and educated.

My mother answered every question I had. She made talking about sex easy and normal. I was curious at an early age and never had a question go unanswered.

I read everything I could get my hands on about sex. Our family had all the books right on our bookshelves, Joy of Sex, Our Bodies Ourselves, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex.

My mom even ran scenarios with me to give me plenty of options during my early teen years. What if a boy tries to do something you don’t want? What if you’re at a party and you’re uncomfortable? What if all your friends are doing something and you don’t want to do it?

Her second husband abused me as a young girl. And she never forgave herself for that happening. So she tried to keep me safe for the rest of my life by being very proactive.

And I did the same for my daughter. I just kept talking, kept informing her by dripping out tiny bits of information frequently.

When you just give a little, your child can take it in more easily. She’s a well-balanced and confident young woman who’s made great decisions about her body and her sexuality.


When it comes to sex, what’s the one thing you wish everyone knew?

That arousal takes all genders at least 20-30 minutes to achieve. And that helping your genitals get fully engorged before rushing into sex of any kind is one of the best things you can do to have more sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

The penis and vulva need to be stroked and massaged for a while to have fully satisfying sex.

What is your vision for the future of Personal Life Media?

We’re starting a new division with a series of sexual health and vitality products called, Tantra Naturals. In today’s toxic world, people need hormonal, circulatory, adrenal and insulin support to have a robust libido.

We’re creating healthy snacks and supplements with effective dosages of clinically-proven ingredients that improve sexual function in people across the gender spectrum.

If your sexuality is important to you, having all the skills in the world doesn’t matter unless you are healthy enough to have a throbbing libido.


What are the key trends you’re seeing at the moment that influence your work?

#sexyboss The rise of the powerful woman and how she’s taking control of her sex life. She’s the sexy boss of her choices and she needs good advice about how to stay safe, get satisfied and co-create with her lovers a feeling of being sexual soulmates.

#metoo With the #metoo movement, helping men wade through the difficulties that come from their social role as initiator while understanding how to navigate consent, polarity and socially acceptable behavior.

#comingoffthepill The Pill is going down. Post-Birth Control Hormonal Symptoms are real and can be managed back to health. Women are beginning to demand non-hormonal birth control.

And I’m recommending the copper IUD and femtech Fertility Awareness Trackers such as the Daysy. Fertility Awareness Method using new devices hooked to apps on phones gives women accurate data to predict and abstain from intercourse during their fertile days. FAM is not just for making babies, it’s also for avoiding making babies until you’re ready.

#mooncycles Women embracing their menses. They are getting in touch with the fertility cycles of their bodies and celebrating and honoring their periods. Monthly periods are coming out from under the cone of shame and into the light as normal body rhythms.

#hormonalimbalance Another big one is hormonal imbalances in younger and younger people due to our toxic environment, sedentary lifestyle, stress and lack of nutrition because of convenience foods.

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are equally impacting women as well as men. We have the same erectile structures in our bodies, the clitoris and penis still need blood flow to operate and Testosterone drives libido across the gender spectrum.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had since starting to work in sextech?

The variety and innovation of sex toys. I’m thrilled that there are so many incredible tools available now for experiencing pleasure.

I am a huge proponent of “Erotic Playdates.” These are times you schedule learning about sex with your partner. Variety is the spice of life… especially in the bedroom.

Discuss what you might like to experiment with. Perhaps a Crescendo vibrator from MysteryVibe? What could be more fun than laughing and learning together? Then put an Erotic Playdate on the calendar. You’ll have fun looking forward to the date.

Put an Erotic Playdate on the calendar. You’ll have fun looking forward to the date. Couples that play together, stay together… especially in the bedroom.

Sextech gives both couples and those who are elevating their sexual skills with solo pleasuring a lot of fun new ways to expand their sensual pleasure potential.

Sextech Salon with Susan Bratton: Sexual Soulmates & Seduction Secrets

Do you have any practical tips that someone could use tonight to enhance their pleasure?

#engorgement #soulmateembrace #sexualsoulmatepact #presence

Take the time to make sure your genitals get a lot of manual loving and engorgement. But first settle in with a long hug to relax. Arousal begins in a base of relaxation. Use my Soulmate Embrace technique to learn how to truly hold and be held.

Use my #1 bedroom communication technique that explodes passionate lovemaking called, The Sexual Soulmate Pact.

Be present during sex. Presence is a practice, like mindfulness. Each time you “disappear” into your head, bring yourself back to your sensation and connection with your partner. Practice makes perfect.

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