Sex Positions For Seniors

Customizing and changing your usual sex positions is a great way to satisfy your needs and keep your sex life on track, whilst avoiding aggravating existing pain or conditions so you don’t need to power through the pain.

Published Apr 26 2021 4 min read

Staying active in the bedroom is an important part of getting older and many mature couples and seniors have more fulfilling sex lives than they did in their younger years - but as we age our needs in the bedroom change. A senior’s sex life doesn’t mean no sex just that what we were once capable of doing in our twenties might not be so achievable now. Changing your go-to sex positions as you age can bring a new lease of life into your bedroom and these sex positions for seniors will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable and less stressful! 

A few conditions become more prevalent with age for men and women and with this our bedroom needs change. For example, did you know that up to 84% of men and 73% of women report a significant decrease in the frequency of coupled sex when they’re suffering from back pain? Or that menopause can result in many sexual changes including vaginal dryness and reduced vaginal lubrication which diminishes sensitivity? Joint pain and decreased flexibility also mean that you might have limited mobility in the bedroom.

Customizing and changing your usual sex positions is a great way to satisfy your needs and keep your sex life on track, whilst avoiding aggravating existing pain or conditions so you don’t need to power through the pain. Your sexual desire doesn’t disappear with age and your sex life shouldn’t either. You might have to be a little more thoughtful than before, and what better place to start than these specially chosen sex positions for seniors. 


A staple in the bedroom when you are feeling low energy, this sexy cuddle is perfect for those who tire easily and have limited mobility. Have one partner cuddle up to the other’s back and enjoy penetration from behind. If you are feeling a little flexible, then lift the leg for a sexy angle that will target the G-spot or P-spot. This position has no pressure on the knees and requires minimal movement. You can even strategically place pillows around you to make sure you are fully supported.

On a chair

Think of this as the cowgirl position but with a little twist. Have the man sit down and the woman face him, sitting on his lap. The adjustment of the chair is great to allow the woman to steady herself, whilst the angle ensures controlled penetration. Something to note is that the chair needs to be quite low to help the woman steady herself - you don’t want to feel wobbly.


Remember these positions from your first time? Well, there’s a reason missionary is so popular - with minimal athleticism involved let your man take control. You can modify this position with comfy pillows to help you achieve the right angle whilst also giving you extra support. 

Sideways 69

A traditional 69 can require a lot of stamina and strength so why not try a version that is a little easier? Exactly like a traditional 69 but instead, both of you lay on your sides. Giving you easy access to your partner’s genitals for oral sex that leaves you both feeling satisfied and exerting less energy.


Tips for making the most out of these sex positions for older people and seniors

Sex toys

Sex toys are a great way to feel powerful sensations and improve your sexual health. With various hormones and physical ailments playing havoc with our bodies, sex toys can really help make sex more pleasurable. 

For senior women, the top reason for introducing a sex toy into the bedroom according to Dr. Barb DePree, M.D., a gynecologist and menopause care specialist, “is because it just takes longer to achieve orgasm as they get older and maybe their hormonal status has changed. Many women get discouraged and feel, ‘I don’t have the time or energy for that, or he doesn’t have the time or energy for that.’” 

We’ve rounded up the best vibrators for older women along with what to look out for when looking for a suitable vibrator including multiple intensity levels to help you experience the extra sensations that will push you to climactic glory. 

Best Sex Toy And Sex Positions For Seniors



For men, using a vibrating cock ring like Tenuto, which increases blood flow to the penis to maintain a stronger, longer-lasting erection, can help with erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, whilst also stimulating their partner at the same time can be a game-changer for senior sex.

Sex Positions For Seniors Best Sex Toys


Position aids

Pillows and sex ramps are great ways to relieve stress on joints and pressure points. Both helping support you and your partner. If you don’t want to spend the cash on cleverly designed aids such as the Liberators collection you can make your own with pillows propped up in all the right places.


We say it time and time again - the wetter the better. So invest in some good quality lube to ensure your rampant time in the bedroom remains enjoyable and friction-free. The benefits of lube are endless so ensure you pick the best types of lube for you.

Your sex life doesn’t have to come to an end as you get older but instead try out the best sex positions for seniors. 

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