Sensual Stimulation & Sensory Deprivation: Touch, Taste & Smell Foreplay Ideas

Welcome to the second part of of our sensual stimulation and sensory deprivation edition of creative foreplay ideas.

Published Oct 17 2018 4 min read

Welcome to the second part of of our sensual stimulation and sensory deprivation edition of creative foreplay ideas. We want to share with you some of the tantalising ways you can enhance your pleasure through these three senses of touch, taste and smell.

Disclaimer: Make sure you communicate consensually with your partner what you would like to try.

Sensory Deprivation For Touch, Taste & Smell

Sensory deprivation is the removal of stimuli from one or more more of your senses. In foreplay depriving sight and sound for yourself or your partner can heighten awareness on the other sense organs for some seriously sensuous feelings.

One simple idea is to use a blindfold to deprive your partner of sight. Try the gorgeous silky eye masks by Luna Mae or Coco De Mer that feel elegant to the touch. Together or separate you can also muffle sound with earplugs or fluffy earmuffs for double deprivation.


The skin is the body’s largest organ, spread out with more than 1,000 nerve endings per square inch, making the entire body a vast erogenous zone for you to explore.

Everyone has their own sensitive spots. Using these foreplay ideas, you may even tantalise nerve endings that you never knew existed for pleasure, such as the inner arm or the nape of the neck.


Sensual Stimulation for Enhancing Touch

Massage is a wonderful way to heighten your touch sensation. Begin with light touches and build to more intense pressure.

Download our Sensual Massage Guide here to learn the art of touch.

Pressure play with different objects. Feathers lightly tickle the skin. Glass and metal sex toys for firmer pressure. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Sex Toy Materials.

Temperature play use ice or hot wax candles. Not just any candle will do, make sure they are skin safe. Soy candles are the safest. 

Vibrations stimulate blood flow, awakening your nerve endings. Use Crescendo and its 16 intensity variations, or make up your own vibes for an erotic massage.

Edge for extra kinky points. Connect Crescendo to the MysteryApp on your smartphone and control your partners orgasms. Try starting on the lowest and work your way up, see how many you get through.

Lubricant creates a slippery sensual sensation. Try pouring it over their entire body and exploring their genitals sensually.

Pain play can be super pleasurable when in a state of arousal. Our nociceptors (pain receptors) and pleasure receptors are believed to be on the same continuum. Some foreplay ideas here include spanking and even the sharp concentrated sensations of the Wartenberg Wheel, a mini-spur that pricks the skin. Just make sure you have a safe word to ensure the pain doesn’t cross boundaries.


The tongue is known as the strongest muscle in the body that helps us to talk, digest and taste. We have five tastes that we can distinguish using our taste buds, which include sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami (savoury).

Lest we forget the most skilled role of this organ. The tongue is one powerful erogenous zone, during kissing and oral sex. Not only is this an intimate way of communicating affection, but a fabulous way of giving and receiving so much pleasure.


Sensual Stimulation For Enhancing Taste

In becoming more mindful of the sensations in the mouth, Psalm Isadora recommends to:

“Place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth to bring orgasmic energy into the mouth.”

Food. Not just for the gods, food can leave your partner totally salivating for you. Feed them while they are blindfolded aphrodisiac foods. This will give them a hit of dopamine, known as the lust hormone.

Drink. Have an array of drinks ready while they are blindfolded. Drink one and run your tongue over their lips. Have them guess which drink it is. If they are correct, they get to kiss you or even better…taste you.

Lube. Pour flavoured lubricant onto your genitals and have them immersed in an abyss of flavours. With so many different flavours to choose from, from hazelnut espresso to candy apple.


Scent plays a huge role in our arousal. In Grabrielle Glaser’s book The Nose: A Profile of Sex, Beauty & Survival it is noted that we are attracted to other people’s scent depending on the strength of their immune system.

Another study also implies that our olfactory scents change during ovulation. Men were asked to smell women’s t-shirts at different times of the month. Not only was the odour considered most pleasant around the time of ovulation, but women’s sense of smell is heightened too.

In a similar experiment, androstenol, responsible for men’s natural musk, was sprayed into women’s toilet cubicles. The women “apparently found the androstenolised cubicles rather congenial – even if not irresistible – and used them more often than the untreated ones.”


Sensual Stimulation for Enhancing Smell

Exercise. If you, like the people in those studies, enjoy the natural scent of a partner, try go for a run together. They do say “those who sweat together, stay together.”

Not only will exercise boost your libido with that lusty hormone dopamine, but the odours you give off will heighten the arousal when you get in bed together. Not to mention being fit and healthy always makes one feel sexually confident.

Bathe. Why not try, after steamy sweaty sex, have an aromatic bath together with some essential oils to tantalise your sense of smell. Choose aphrodisiac scents such as ylang ylang, jasmine and rose.

With these foreplay ideas, why not assault the senses for a sensational experience, and throw in a combination of all of these? WARNING: May cause sensory overload & multiple orgasms.

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