6 Tips For Sensual Massage Seduction

Revitalize your relationship with these tips for a sensual massage. Set the mood, choose the right products, and build intensity during a couples' massage.

Published Apr 23 2019 4 min read

Tip 1. Invest in the Right Products

The right equipment is essential in creating ambience and a sensual atmosphere when you are learning how to massage your partner. This can include a comfy bed with a clean silky soft sheet, scented candles and the right kind of aromatic oils, advanced sex toys, lotion or massage bars that are suitable for your partner’s skin.

It might be worth investing in aphrodisiac fragrances such as Ylang Ylang or Jasmine to enhance the sensual mood.

Sensual Massage Seduction: 6 Tips On How To Massage Your Partner

Tip 2. Create Ambience

Setting the mood is essential as you want your partner to feel completely and utterly relaxed and succumb to your every touch. As this is a sensual massage, always be thinking of their five senses:

  • Is the temperature okay?
  • Is the lighting dimmed enough?
  • What are their favourite smells?
  • Would they prefer ocean sounds or relaxing harp music?
  • What flavour tea would they like before and/or after?

Personalise their experience to make them feel at ease and totally adored by you. You can have a selection of oils, teas and music for them to pick from before they lie down.

Tip 3. Gentle Warm Up

Have them lie naked face down with a warm towel (pre-heated on a radiator) over them – this is for you to peel off seductively. The secret to a good massage is lubrication – just make sure you put the lotion in your hands first to warm it up before you touch their skin.

Begin with light and gentle strokes over their back – but not too light that it tickles. Continue to awaken their nerve endings across their lower back and upper arms. Avoid pressure on the bones and focus on muscular tissue.

You can use your fingers, your palms or your knuckles to stimulate the blood flow. This gentle warm up is important, so that when you increase the pressure it shouldn’t hurt.

You can play with the temperature, from using heat massage oils to cooler ones. This will keep them tuned into your touch and not drift off to sleep.

Tip 4. Build Up the Tension

Deepen the intensity, and make sure to ask throughout if the pressure is okay/if they are enjoying it. A moan will usually indicate you are doing the right thing, but lay off the pressure a bit if there’s a painful sounding groan.

Breathe with them… moan with them, let them know you are enjoying the massage as much as they are!

The massage can be extended down the arms and into the hands. Down the legs and onto the feet. Up the back and onto the neck. Lightly touching the skin and working towards a deeper massage – build pressure and use your nails for an alternative more passionate sensation. 

Sensual Massage Seduction: 6 Tips On How To Massage Your Partner

Tip 5. Edge the Erogenous Zones

During these couples massage tips, for a more teasing experience you can avoid touching the more sensual zones, or use your fingernails to lightly tickle them. These areas include the inner thighs, lower back, buttocks and nipple region. This will increase your partner’s anticipation. Slowly build their arousal so they beg for your touch.

Combine soft and hard pressure play to tease and please your partner closer and closer to their most sensitive areas.

If you know any specific erogenous zones they may have, perhaps their inner thigh, or behind the ears, now is your chance to sensually massage these parts. If you want to bring more passion into the massage, kiss, lick or nibble your partner around their sensual zones, such as ears and neck, now and then.

Turn them over onto their backs and touch their most intimate region…starting lightly with your fingers For the more adventurous maybe use your tongue, or a smart vibrator to edge them without letting them climax. Leave them wanting more.

Tip 6. A Tender Ending …

A sensual and intimate massage doesn’t need to end in orgasm or sex, however it can certainly build to this point and encapsulate your desire for each other. Create an intimate moment that you can both share, completely captivated in each other’s presence.

Ending with a yoni (vulva) or penis massage will release all the built up sensual tension that is pulsating through their body. After climax, ensure your partner feels totally blissful by ending with a scalp massage that releases any lasting tension.

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