How To Use The MysteryVibe Playcards To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Discover new ways to get intimate with your partner and spice up your sex life by keeping the mystery alive in the bedroom with the MysteryVibe Playcards. Cultivate desire in new, exciting ways with the modern Kama sutra of sex positions and 6 positively provocative sex games. 

Published Oct 06 2022 6 min read

Everyone goes through peaks and valleys in their sex lives, whether you’re single or in a relationship. But keeping the ‘mystery’ alive and reigniting desire and arousal can be as simple as adding some spontaneity or new experiences into your sex life.

This is exactly what the MysteryVibe Playcards were created for – cultivating play to discover (or re-discover) desire in novel ways. The beautifully illustrated modern Kama sutra of sex positions with a vibrator aim to inspire couples and individuals alike to connect creativity with intimacy and elevate your sex life to new heights. Whether you’re a solo player, in a long-term relationship whose passion has dimmed, or plain sexually adventurous, there’s something for every body.

Unlock your erotic imagination with 6 provocative Playcard sex games:

The aim of each erotic game is to unlock desire and encourage discovery, so whether you own a MysteryVibe product or not, you can still play along with any vibrator or sex toy. So, ready to uncover your play profile?

1. Pick A Vibe

A simple game that can be played solo or with a partner. If playing solo, go through the deck of Playcards in advance and remove or flip the cards (cards are double-sided, for double the fun!) that require a partner to participate. If playing with a partner, you can choose to leave the solo Playcards in the deck and explore mutual masturbation.

  1. Fan your deck of Playcards out on a flat surface with your vibrator of choice close by
  2. Among the array of sexually exquisite positions, close your eyes and pick any card.
  3. Follow the directions written on the card to explore a new sexual position utilizing your vibrator or sex toy.

If this boundary-pushing, sleight-of-hand is too risqué, take the reins and tame it by going through the deck of Playcards in advance and removing the ones you feel uncomfortable trying. We feel sexiest when empowered to choose, and the choice is always yours. We encourage you to revisit the deck as you become more sexually empowered and try positions that once seemed ‘too taboo’ to touch.

2. Risque Roulette

An adult spin on the classic ‘Spin the Bottle’ game, which can be played solo or with a partner.

  1. Choose a few enticing Playcards and lay them out in a circle around an object that can spin. (Extra points if you use your vibrator as the spinning object).
  2. Spin the object and enjoy the thrill of wondering which card it will land on.
  3. Explore the sex position the spinning object chooses.
  4. Reset and repeat as many times as desired.

If playing by yourself, remove or flip the Playcards that feature a partner.

MysteryVibe Playcards of intimate sex positions with a vibrator

3. Partner’s Paradise

Regardless of how intimate you are with your partner, there’s always something more you can learn about your partner’s preferences, and seductive ways to do so. To play this creative game that emphasizes partner communication:

  1. Have your partner go through the deck of Playcards one-by-one and pick out the cards they find most interested in trying.
  2. When your partner is finished, look through their playcard choices. You may be surprised to discover positions you didn’t know your partner would enjoy, whether solo or partnered.
  3. Dare to step outside your comfort zone and try their position picks wielding your vibrator.
  4. Reverse and do the same for yourself, choosing the cards you find most erotic and showing your hand to your partner.

4. Spontaneous Sexcapades

Arouse your most primal instincts with this game of spontaneity, designed to be played with a partner.

  1. Together, pick the cards that you like and want to try.
  2. Split the selected cards between you so that you each have a deck of cards to hide.
  3. Hide each card in a different location, whether that’s in the car or in the house - under a pillow, in a jacket pocket, in a cupboard, within a book – anywhere your partner may come across it at some point in the future. It’s best to do this while your partner is either away or out of the vicinity, so as not to reveal the hiding spots of your bountiful booty.
  4. As you come across your partner’s hidden Playcards, let the surprise serve as a catalyst for a wild and spontaneous sex session. If you are not together at the time of discovery, enhance the anticipation by sending a sexy text with an image of the Playcard explaining the treasure trove that awaits them when they get home. They won’t be able to stop thinking about you and anticipating the erotically charged night ahead. And that’s only one way to increase anticipation, let your imagination run wild with possibility.

5. Dicey Dares

Are you daring enough to roll the dice and leave your sex positions up to chance? Well, chance and some basic math. Designed to be played with a partner or by yourself, multiply your way into pleasure. All you need is dice and your noggin’.

  1. Fan out your playcard deck, noting that each playcard has a corresponding number.
  2. Take the dice and roll them onto a flat surface.
  3. Whatever numbers the dice roll, multiply those together. Example: If you rolled a 1 and a 5, multiple 1 x 5 = 5.
  4. Select the card with the number 5. If you have more than one products, select the number within the deck that you’re most up for trying in that moment.
  5. Read the juicy description and enjoy engaging in solo or partnered pleasure featuring the position of card number 5.
  6. Remove the card if you don’t wish to repeat that position and repeat the sequence of events.

If you are playing solo, remove the partner Playcards from the deck.

Discover new ways to play with the MysteryVibe Playcards

6. The Sexy Reveal

The only hustle and grind you’ll want to repeat, over and over again. Get your adrenaline pumping ahead of activities with this simple card game of speed and spontaneity to reveal a sexy surprise, designed to be played with a partner.

  1. Take the Playcards and shuffle them.
  2. Divide the deck into two equal parts.
  3. Give one half of the deck to your partner and keep the other half for yourself.
  4. Taking turns with your partner, throw a card down into a new pile in the middle. Do this one after another as fast as you can until you’ve gone through the entire deck.
  5. Flip the card that is on top (because they are sneakily double-sided).
  6. Get intimate with your partner using the position on the back of the card with your third wheel, aka vibrator.
  7. Reset and repeat. Alternatively, if you crave more (and we have a sneaking suspicion that you might), after you’ve ‘finished’ with the card on top, flip the next card on top. Do that position until you’re satisfied.

Whether you indulge in one Playcard game or all of them, you’ll come away with an expanded vocabulary of sexy positions and a renewed fervour for exploring new things with yourself or your partner. Sometimes spicing up your sex life just needs someone to break the ice. Allow the MysteryVibe Playcards to be your icebreaker and champion better sex.

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