The Mermaid Sex Position: A Must-Try

We'll take a dive into Mermaid sex position, exploring its appeal, benefits, and techniques, as well as how to make the most of this blissful configuration.

Published Aug 17 2023 5 min read

If you're looking to add a touch of enchantment to your romantic rendezvous, the Mermaid sex position may just hold the magic you seek. The Mermaid sex position has the potential to send waves of pleasure rippling through your encounters, fostering a deep connection between partners and an elevated sense of adventure. 

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the Mermaid sex position, exploring its appeal, benefits, and techniques, as well as how to make the most of this blissful configuration. We'll also discuss tailor-made enhancements and sex toys that can amplify the experience, ensuring that you and your partner are fully equipped for a splashing-good time. 

Why this position is worth trying  

Before getting into the techniques and enhancements, let's first discuss the appeal of the Mermaid sex position. Its enchanting charm lies in its ability to blend the closeness of frontal-facing intimacy with the comfort of being partially reclined. The Mermaid deviates from conventional positions, providing a unique angle for deep penetration that may hit just the right spots for both partners. The genuine skin-to-skin contact can foster an intense emotional connection, making it perfect for intimate, passionate moments. 

How to try the Mermaid sex position  

To embrace the Mermaid position for yourselves, follow these simple steps:  

1. Find the right surface  

In the Mermaid position, the receiving partner sits on the edge of a surface, such as a bed, couch, or even a table. The position is best accomplished in areas where the receiving partner can comfortably lie down, with their back and head properly supported. You'll want to ensure that both partners are comfortable to fully enjoy the experience. Make sure the surface is sturdy as well, as things may get intense!   

2. Start positioning  

This position begins with the receiving partner lying down on their back, straightening their legs up with the option of keeping them open or closed. The penetrating partner kneels or stands (depending on the height of the surface) in front of the receiving partner, making sure they are comfortable with the height difference so it’s not a workout.    

3. Begin and adjust the angle  

Once you begin, the angle of penetration can be adjusted as per comfort and pleasure. The penetrating partner can hold the receiving partner’s thighs or hips to get a better thrust and control the speed and depth of penetration. 

4. Control your movements  

This position allows for deep penetration and direct G-spot stimulation. The receiving partner can use their legs to control the rhythm and depth of penetration, while the penetrating partner can help by providing thrusts.   

5. Experiment

Feel free to experiment with this position. The receiving partner can try bending one leg while keeping the other straight or wrap their legs around the penetrating partner. The key is to find what feels best for both of you.  

Enhancing the Mermaid experience  

While the Mermaid position itself is pleasurable, there are ways to elevate your experience even further. Here are some ideas to make your encounter even more magical: 

1. Add a sex toy 

Incorporating sex toys during the Mermaid position is as enjoyable as it is effortless. The receiving partner can use a sex toy for clitoral stimulation, while the penetrating partner can explore vibrations with a vibrating cock ring or prostate massager.  

2. Create an ambiance 

A little candlelight, soft music, and dimmed lighting can all contribute to an immersive and enchanting atmosphere. You can even infuse the room with fragrance, using essential oils or scented candles to create a more mystical, mermaid-like environment. 

3. Maintain eye contact and communication 

As you indulge in the Mermaid position, maintain eye contact with your partner, fostering an intimate connection that transcends the physical. Make sure to communicate your desires and comfort levels openly, which can strengthen the emotional bond created by this enchanting encounter. 

4. Experiment with angles 

The unique angle of penetration that the Mermaid position offers provides an opportunity to explore different sensations. Try adjusting the height of the lifted legs, leaning the receiving partner forward or backward, or having the penetrating partner thrust at various angles to find the most satisfying and pleasurable experience for both of you.  

Tips to make Mermaid more comfortable  

As with any new sexual position, there may be some minor challenges in achieving optimal comfort and enjoyment. Here are some helpful tips for overcoming those obstacles:  

1. Use pillows for support 

If you find the Mermaid position uncomfortable, try bolstering your bodies with pillows for added support. Placing a cushion under the receiving partner's head and another under their raised knee can provide stability and prevent strain on the neck and leg.  

2. Adjust for height differences 

If there's a significant height difference between you and your partner, consider adjusting your positioning to accommodate the discrepancy. Lying on a more elevated surface, such as a couch or table, can make it easier for the penetrating partner to align with the receiving partner.  

3. Take it slow 

Especially when trying a new position, it's essential to take things slow and gentle. As tempting as it is to dive right in (pun intended!), giving yourselves the opportunity to adjust and find the best angle and rhythm can lead to a more enjoyable experience for both partners. 


The Mermaid sex position offers an exciting opportunity to enhance your intimacy and share a unique, pleasure-focused experience with your partner. By understanding the techniques, incorporating sex toys and ambiance, and addressing any potential comfort challenges, you and your partner can embark on an enchanting journey through this sensuous position. Don't be afraid to dive beyond the surface and immerse yourselves in the alluring world of the Mermaid. Revel in its captivating embrace and make a splash as you discover the true depths of passion it has to offer. 

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