Fetish.Com Review: Unleash Your Inner Hedonist

Welcome to the underworld of online dating and socialising. Fetish.com is a friendly fetish dating website designed for your total immersion into the kink community with a whole host of hedonistic desires.

Published Jan 11 2019 6 min read

Welcome to the underworld of online dating and socialising. Fetish.com is a friendly fetish dating website designed for your total immersion into the kink community with a whole host of hedonistic desires. Here is a place to meet, play and enjoy a whole host of naughty people to indulge in new sexual experiences.

Maybe the “normal” dating world isn’t quite cutting it, or other fetish dating websites are freaking you out. Either way your inner voyeur can’t keep its peeping eyes closed for much longer. Well now is the chance to take off your blindfold…

You are greeted with a dark homepage, typical of most adult sites such as FetLife which can be seen as very “back alley” and intimidating for some. Yet with Fetish.com’s bright busts of purple and hints of green, there’s an air of playfulness – which is exactly what you are going to expect from the rest of your experience on here.

Even though Fetish.com on Google Chrome can be quite glitchy, it has a user friendly design that feels especially professional. It looks like fetish dating sites are finally coming into the 21st century. Something that can’t be said for many others (just check out the app KinkD – very 1999).

While Fetish.com is a BDSM dating website, it is first and foremost a community, a safe place for you to learn, explore and express your inner kinky side with like-minded, open-minded people. Thankfully, it seems to be perfectly the bridging the gap between community and dating!

The “real world” certainly has a lot to learn from the kink community in terms of “adult play”. So come with us, take a walk on the wild side, as we meander through BDSM dating, kinky meet-ups, filthy forums and a titillating treasure hunt.

Personalise Your Profile: Do You Dom, Switch or Sub?

Do you indulge in bitter and twisted BDSM sexual flavours. Maybe you don’t think you have any kinks, or you have a particularly “vanilla” pallette. Here there are no hard limits when it comes to what types of kinks are out there, as Fetish.com will soon have you reflecting upon all of your sexual practices.

In the list of “256 Kinks & Fetishes” you will find that even kissing and cuddling qualifies! That’s right, Vanilla is a kink too! This is great for anyone who feels like a novice. Find yourself scrolling through the endless barrage of body fetishes, sex toys, role play and lifestyles which you can learn more about before adding to your profile. This feature feels special as it keeps you curious to try more.


Who are you interested in? What are you looking for? What are your fantasies?

Fetish.com does seem to appeal to the queer community too, with inclusive options for dating and plenty of articles on LGBTQ topics, making this a well rounded site. As long as they put things in place to support genderqueer, transgender folk who are highly fetishised by society.

When setting up your profile, you can put as much or as little information as you feel comfortable – but of course the more info you give the better chance you will meet someone you want to get tied up with. Just check out the events page to find your local rope bondage class!

Annoyingly, if you try to find events in areas outside of your own – perhaps you are vacaying to Berlin for the weekend – the filter system refuses to cooperate.

Navigating (Without the Blindfold)

Do be warned, your aroused curiosity may very well take over any rational approach to navigating Fetish.com. Especially as there is a lot to explore, which can initially be overwhelming.

Unlike other fetish dating websites, Fetish.com does encourage you to explore and get lost with the MysteryVibe sponsored Treasure Hunt! This was a temporary feature launch for December for you to keep finding new parts of the site without getting bored.

Though it was technically difficult and frustrating to figure out at first, there were clues given out each day to find a “kinky gift” located on different parts of the site which you can give to other members!

This feature has ended, but hopefully there will be a similar design at least for newcomers to help them explore the site without giving up.


A Quick Kink & Cheeky Spank

The “swipe feature” is common now of most dating sites to match you and potential partners. The unique selling point here though are instead of “likes”, you send and receive virtual “spanks”.

As this is a beta version you can’t Quick Kink with other women (as a woman). Making it feel rather exclusive of queer women.

“As we’re currently operating in beta version, women aren’t shown on Quick Kink right now. To search for women, head on over to the ‘Search’.”

Remember the creepy poking days of Facebook? Here, a spank ignites a sense of cheeky playfulness.

Within this “spanking” good feature you get to match with the exact people who tickle your fancy. Soon you will find your inbox flooding with excited kinksters.

If you didn’t already know, the kink scene is largely based on consensuality. Fetish.com advocates that through and through, as you are urged to reply to people that you aren’t interested in with a simple “No Thanks”.

There is even an automated response preference which tells the person they’re not interested “right now” and how not to take it personally. Handling rejection this way avoids anyone getting hurt and keeps you safe too – an important education for consent in all aspects of life too.


Should You Go Premium or VIP?

Though some of the site is limited, a premium and VIP membership will grant you much more visibility, access and interaction with other members you are into. 

You can start on the free version to explore, but you will soon discover if this site is for you. From there you will definitely want to start seeing who has checked you out, rated you or even spanked you.

You can also see message statuses, adult photos, and even have your own page “beamed” to the top of other kinkster’s search results!

Take the time to browse the other members, find out what they’re interested in, their roles, kinks and fetishes. You can filter to specify what you are looking for. The general differences between premium and VIP is the amount of members you are able to interact with – but find out more about that here


Should You Join The Fetish.com Community?

The forum section will have you choking with excitement. You may even want to set up your own forum topic to form your own community with your particular interest.

The magazine is Fetish.com’s blog written by sexpert bloggers, if you are wanting more adept advice and a masterly education, including beginners guides to male chastity, and how to write a successful personal ad. This is especially useful as you can put yourself out there on the BDSM dating section of the site to explicitly attract what you are looking for!

Not only that but you can take part in outfit challenges, find out about local events, meet ups, and also chat to people live in the lobby before you meet them. Only risks of this site are getting lost, and perhaps a little too over excited that you can’t find your way back.

The overall experience reviewing Fetish.com is that it’s a great site for online dating with a kinky twist. It’s relatively good value for money if you are dedicated to unleashing your inner hedonist.

So what are you waiting for? On Fetish.com you may find your quintessential cuckquean or a sensational slave to take to the next local rope bondage class.

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