14 Kinky, Dirty Things To Try When You’re Alone

Edging, sensory deprivation, temperature play, oh my! Solo sex will never feel the same after trying these kinky masturbation ideas.

Published Jul 17 2023 10 min read

You have the house to yourself, nowhere in particular to be, and you’re looking to expand your comfort zone with a little personal pleasure. The great news is: There are countless kinky things to do to yourself when you’re alone, beyond the typical masturbation you might be used to. If you’re looking for kinky ideas for solo play, you’ve come to the right place. 

While the words “dirty” and “kinky” can mean very different things depending on your culture, background, or context, we are using “dirty,” “kinky,” and “naughty” interchangeably. Now that we have our definitions aligned, here’s a list of 14 kinky things to try when experimenting with masturbation alone. 

1. Deprive the senses 

Take away one of your senses, and relish as the others heighten. Make the most of your alone time by using an eye mask as a blindfold or using earplugs to drown out any external distractions. Not only will this allow you to feel more fully present in your body, but it will enhance your sense of touch as you deprive yourself of sight and sound.  

2. Watch yourself

Seeing yourself experience pleasure can be incredibly sexy. Embrace the allure by touching yourself in front of a mirror or a video camera and put on an intimate show just for you. If seeing yourself in the throws of passion makes you feel a bit shy, you might actually benefit from trying it anyway. According to sexologist and writer Rhiannon John, watching yourself is great for building self-confidence.

“It fosters self-acceptance and appreciation of your unique sensuality and body,” she tells MysteryVibe. And, if you’re into recording yourself, “you can use the videos to look back on later to get you in the mood or to send over to your partner.” 

3. Embrace edging 

Edging is a sexual practice where you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, or “the edge” without allowing yourself to go over it.

“Basically, when you feel like you're going to orgasm, you stop any stimulation for some time and then get back into it,” John explains. “This kinky act can be intensely arousing, pushing your limits and amplifying pleasure.” 

Treat yourself to a blissful buildup by giving yourself a massage, watching porn, or whatever you usually lean on for arousal. Once you reach the zone where you can easily orgasm, stop or slow what you’re doing. Repeat as many times as you desire, and eventually, you’ll experience a full-body orgasm you may not have otherwise found if you had finished right away. 

4. Try out some temperature play 

Whether you like it hot or cold, indulging in temperature play when masturbating can sharpen your senses and provide for more intense, fuller sensations while you’re self-pleasuring. Try dripping body-safe hot wax onto your erogenous zones, like your nipples, and alternating with an ice cube. Or invest in a sex toy that you can throw in the freezer beforehand and then utilize to create more extreme sensations.  

5. Tantalize your taste buds 

There’s a reason they say, “the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” Both food and sex elicit a primal reaction in the human body, so it makes sense that we find playing with food to be lavishly erotic. Try drizzling oil, melted chocolate, or maple syrup (simply pick your favorite) over your erogenous zones or body. Think: Your nipples, below your navel, the webs of your fingers. Drag your fingers along those sensitive areas, giving yourself a tease as you scoop them off, and then lick your fingers clean. As a bonus, a long sultry bath after some taste play is another great luxury. 

If you find yourself craving kinkier masturbation, try tasting your own cum once you’ve had an orgasm. Not only can this naughty act be a huge turn-on, but it can open a new universe of sexual acts you could later experience with a partner.

6. Switch up your scenery 

Having the space to yourself has a whole myriad of benefits, such as providing the opportunity to masturbate somewhere you might not normally explore. If you feel a rush when you fantasize about being watched, try opening your curtains and playing with yourself where you might be caught. If the kitchen is the heart of your home, wipe down the counters and see how it feels to touch yourself on top of them.  

Still most comfortable masturbating in the comfort of your bedroom? You can still mix things up by trying a new position. If you’re always laying on your back, try leaning against the wall or sitting up while you play for a totally new experience. MysteryVibe’s Playcards might give you a little inspiration here. They’re an illustrated guide to positions you may not have previously considered, from the “Solo Rodeo'' to the “Home-Groan.

7. Dive into new media 

While a quick search of “porn” will populate a dozen pleasurable options, use your time alone to tap into something new.  

“Get creative with erotica,” suggests Mak Adikami, Co-Founder of Lustyboy.com. “Reading erotic literature can be a great way to explore your fantasies. You can even try writing your own erotica, and record yourself reading it.”

Just taking the time to browse a genre of porn you wouldn’t usually might allow you to discover a fetish you didn’t know you had. From BDSM to hentai to audio porn, there are a slew of options that can fuel your next solo sex session. 

8. Take a sex toy for a spin  

If you’re struggling with creativity during a solo session, invest in a sex toy that puts ingenuity first, and let it guide the way. Crescendo 2 is the perfect pal for vulva-owners - it’s the choose-your-own adventure of pleasure products, with infinite shapes for you to bend and discover. 

Meanwhile, if you have a penis, Tenuto 2 makes it easy to let your kinky fantasies run wild. The revolutionary design adapts to your member to increase blood flow for extended performance. This way, you can maximize your alone time with a longer masturbation session than previously imagined. 

There are a dozen ways to spice up your vibrator play and utilize your favorite product for different results. Once you’re a bit of a sex toy savant, you can start using your alone time to try different techniques.  

9. Dabble in erotic art 

Nothing leads to better self-loving than truly loving yourself. Embrace a little self-expression by capturing sensual portraits of your body, or by sketching yourself in the act of masturbating. Or get a little kinkier by illustrating one of your more coveted fetishes on paper and then try bringing it to life. You’ll be unleashing your inner artist to investigate a fantasy or two, and practicing some self-confidence at the same time.  

10. Practice impact play 

While you’re touching or stroking yourself on your stomach, give yourself a spanking. 

“Being spanked can give you that exquisite feeling of arousal, pleasurable pain, and experiencing dominance,” says sex coach and TedX speaker Anka Grzywacz 

She tells MysteryVibe that the key to self-spanking lies in the sensations.  

“Grab a small spanking paddle and tap your genitals, gently at first,” Grzywacz recommends. “You can tease yourself and tap on your inner thighs as well. Transition into faster or more intense spanking to build up arousal and get the blood flowing. It can be a fun activity in itself or great preparation before masturbation.” 

If you don’t own a spanking paddle, a wooden kitchen spoon or even a hand will suffice.  

11. Map yourself 

If you have a vagina, this one's for you. Yoni mapping is a technique performed with your fingers to find pressure points inside the vagina. It’s a great building block for masturbation and may allow you to get to know yourself a little better while you’re doing dirty things alone.  

“Use your fingers or a dildo with a thin, rounded and pointed end to reach the deepest points inside,” Grzywacz explains. “Go slowly and put a steady pressure on one point at a time. Breathe deeply and notice what happens. This practice can end with some clitoral stimulation. Combined with inner pulsation, that can lead to explosive orgasms.” 

Or it can simply be a slow path to more self-awareness and tension release. 

12. Consider erotic hypnosis 

Erotic hypnosis is an emerging area of sexual exploration that utilizes traditional hypnosis techniques to heighten sexual pleasure. Think of it as masturbation for the mind. You’ll submerge into a trance-like state, perfectly aware of what’s going on around you while it may feel like your conscious mind is more in the backseat. There are plenty of erotic hypnosis scripts and audios on Literotica or YouTube for you to queue up and try out. As the hypnotic voice actor tells you that you’re feeling aroused, you might feel tingling or heat although you’re not touching yourself. You can even write your own script, record it, and play it back if you have a specific fantasy you’d like to live out.

However, like any form of hypnosis, it's crucial to practice it responsibly and consensually. You may want to attend a workshop or meet with a hypnotherapist to discuss your thoughts and concerns prior to trying this on your own.  

13. Don’t ignore the butt 

Whether you’re new to anal play or a butt stuff veteran, solo play provides a perfect setting to try things out and unlock new sensations. So don’t ignore your anus and all of the simple pleasures it can offer you as you’re thinking of different ways to masturbate. 

If you’ve never tried anal penetration before, start with a finger or two to get yourself comfortable. Slick them up with lube and massage the rim as well as just inside your anus to see how that makes you feel. Curious about butt play but still a bit wary? There are plenty of pleasure products you can rely on that facilitate easy, beginner-safe anal penetration and still feel amazing. MysteryVibe’s Molto is an ideal choice for any prostate-owner. It’s designed to adapt to the shape of your anus and stimulate your prostate for deep pulsations, stress-free.

If you’re no stranger to butt stuff, this could be your chance to graduate to a larger dildo, butt plug, or anal vibrator and relish in a feeling of fullness unlike what you’ve felt before.  

14. Be kind to your kinks 

You’re creating space to get a little creative and dirty with how you self-pleasure, so if you have any fetishes that you’ve previously associated with shame, now may be the time to relish in them. Acknowledging your fantasies stigma-free involves self-acceptance and a healthy dose of understanding. Whether you go about that by sketching it out, checking out a kinky forum where the community resonates with you, or letting your mind run free while you self-pleasure, use this time to embrace your kinks or fetishes with compassion. This could be a great first step to a healthier relationship with your sexuality, paving the way for many naughty masturbation sessions to come.  


From easy adjustments like trying a new position or browsing a new genre of porn, to kinkier feats like experimenting with sensory deprivation or impact play, there are dirty masturbation ideas for all comfort levels. As you continue to delve into your naughtier cravings, you can continue to take your alone time to the next level by trying mutual masturbation and beyond.  

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