What Is A Blended Orgasm And How You Can Have One

The intensity of a blended orgasm is like no other, with waves of pleasure coursing through your body this feeling isn’t easily forgotten.

Published Dec 22 2020 4 min read

There are many types of orgasms for women with vulva, but what happens when you combine two or more? Well, here we have your answer- the magical blended orgasm.

By definition a blended orgasm is when two or more orgasms happen at the same time - quite often vaginal and clitoral but not exclusively. However, does this do it justice?

The intensity of a blended orgasm is like no other, with waves of pleasure coursing through your body this feeling isn’t easily forgotten. Everyone’s pleasure experiences are indeed different but widely blended orgasms are said to be more intense than a clitoral orgasm due to the multiple points of stimulation. So how do you get started in the quest for a blended orgasm?

Experiment alone

Solo exploration

Your fingers are a great way to start discovering what feels good, especially on lesser-known erogenous zones - did you know nipple orgasms are possible for people with vulvas? So start by discovering which areas can make you climax, before you choose the two you think will work. 

The most common blended orgasm is through vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This involves hitting the g-spot whilst also stimulation the nerve-filled clitoris. A study found that on average women find it easier to reach the big O through clitoral and vaginal stimulation rather than one or the other, so you may have experienced a blended orgasm without realizing it. 

Once you have found the areas that feel good try combining those types of stimulation. Experimenting with what feels good is a great way to discover your unique pleasure spots. After exploring with your fingers try penetration with a vibrator to see if you experience a vaginal orgasm. A sex toy or bendable vibrator such as Crescendo is a great way to explore as you bend and shape the vibrator to uncover different spots that feel oh so good.  

Experiment with a partner

Explore yourselves together

A blended orgasm can be slightly harder to achieve with partnered sex rather than solo play, but with communication and a lot of patience it’s more than possible. Plenty of sex positions allow you or your partner to reach around and rub the clitoris whilst having penetrative sex - try doggy style or cowgirl. 

Equally, if you like the feeling of being full why not opt for some anal play with a butt plug to stimulate all those hidden nerve endings. This could be incorporated with vaginal play or clitoral or maybe even both… this is all about finding what works for you.

Try a sex toy or vibrator

Experimenting with your hands is a great way to get a feel for things but using a toy to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and g-spot can feel even better. With perfect sex toys likes Crescendo you can send vibrations to both areas so you can experience a blended orgasm and spine-tingling sensations.


Don’t chase an orgasm, as with any orgasm (blended or not), it’s most important to focus on the journey and not the destination. Don’t go into the bedroom with it locked in that you will 100% experience a blended orgasm, because more often than not that makes it even more difficult. 

Instead focus on each feeling from every touch, suck and vibration. Your body will soon be quivering and your toes curling.


As with any new trick in the bedroom, for some people, it won’t happen and that’s ok. Our bodies are all entirely unique and can do different things. If a blended orgasm doesn’t come easily instead enjoy the experience of feeling your body and the new sensations that come with it.

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