The Best Spreader Bar Sex Positions

In this article, we will suggest sex-positive spreader bar positions that guarantee passion and pleasure and maintain the necessary level of comfort. Read on!

Published Aug 03 2023 3 min read

Spreader bars, also known as constraint bars or bondage bars, are a versatile sex accessory designed to enhance physical sensation and create a tantalizing sense of vulnerability. Typically made from metal, wood, or sturdy plastic materials, these bars are equipped with cuffs at either end, allowing for the comfortable yet secure restraint of wrists and ankles. Implementing restraint-based sex toys such as spreader bars adds a heightened sense of control, enhancing intimacy and increasing arousal. 

Experimenting with spreader bar sex positions can be an exhilarating addition to your bedroom repertoire. In this article, we will suggest exciting, sex-positive spreader bar positions that guarantee passion and pleasure and maintain the necessary level of comfort for all parties involved. 

1. Submission embrace 

This position embraces vulnerability and trust, making it popular among couples who enjoy restraint and mild submission. The receiving partner's ankles are secured in the cuffs using a spreader bar, causing the legs to spread apart. The restrained partner lies on their back while the other partner positions themselves on top. This spread-leg position allows for deep penetration and offers the dominant partner greater control during intercourse. Communication and consent are integral to ensuring both participants feel safe, comfortable, and ultimately satisfied.  

2. Exposed delight 

For those seeking heightened vulnerability, the Exposed Delight position allows for thorough exploration and creates an enticing sense of exposure. Start by securing the ankles of the receiving partner to a spreader bar, then have them lie on their back with their legs elevated and spread apart. The other partner sits or kneels between the receiver's legs, giving them access to oral pleasure or penetration. The restrained partner's body is completely open and accessible, providing titillating visual cues and amplifying arousal for both participants.  

3. The sensual swing 

Combining the thrill of restraint with weightless, swinging motions, the Sensual Swing position brings a playful twist to spreader bar play. While spreader bars specifically designed for suspension are recommended, you can also create the Sensual Swing with a sturdy sex swing using spreader bars. The receiving partner's ankles are secured in the cuffs, allowing their legs to spread and dangle freely. Their partner then supports their hips during penetration, allowing for pleasurable swinging and bouncing movements. This adventurous yet intimate position offers control, dynamic stimulation, and unparalleled sensual pleasure. 

4. Bound ardor 

Perfect for couples exploring dominance and submission, the Bound Ardor position allows the dominant partner to take the lead. For this position, a spreader bar is fastened to the receiving partner's wrists or ankles while they kneel on a soft surface with their hands or feet together. The dominant partner then penetrates from behind. ENDINGSolid communication is essential in this position to ensure shared pleasure and maintain safety, while the restrained partner relishes the sensation of relinquishing control. 

5. Titillating tease

Adding a tantalizing twist to restraint play, the Titillating Tease position focuses on sensory experimentation to elevate arousal. Secure the receiving partner's wrists to a spreader bar, with their arms extended above their head. They can either be standing or lying down in this position. The other partner teases their restrained lover with sensual touches, gentle nibbles, and slow caresses. Exploring new erogenous zones with feather ticklers or light flogger brushes can enhance sensory enjoyment, as the restrained partner is denied control and left at the mercy of their partner's touch.  


By incorporating these spreader bar sex positions into your sex life, you and your partner can explore the mesmerizing world of restraint play, enriching your connection through trust, vulnerability, and heightened arousal. As you experiment, prioritize consent, communication, and comfort, forging a memorable and satisfying experience for all involved. 

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