The Best Sexual Positions To Make Her Squirt: Moves Every Lover Should Know

Discover the best sexual positions to make her squirt. Enhance your bedroom adventures with our expert tips.

Published Oct 30 2023 8 min read

Squirting can be a mind-blowing and orgasmic experience, and an experience every couple should explore. Whether you want to spice up your love life or deepen your connection with your partner, knowing the best squirting sex positions can make a big difference. Join us on this pleasure-filled journey as we explore techniques, anatomy, and positions to make her squirting dreams come true. Get ready for an adventure of pleasure like never before!

The 3 best sex positions to make a girl squirt

When it comes to the best positions to make a girl squirt, three are known for maximum G-spot stimulation. These positions can really up the chances of squirting during penetration. It's important to adapt these positions to you or your partner’s preferences and anatomy because everyone's unique, you know? By exploring and experimenting with these positions, you and your partner can find what works best for both of you. Just remember, communication and consent are essential in any sexual experience.

1. Doggy-style sex position

Doggy-style is a favorite for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. It gives both partners extra pleasure with its perfect angle. Plus, it makes stimulating her clitoris super easy, and blended stimulation can increase her chances of squirting during sex.

If you want to take things up a notch in doggy-style, think about adding vibrators into the mix. Here are a couple of ideas to try out:

  • Grab Poco, a vibrator made for G-spot pleasure. Spice things up by getting into a doggy-style position and forming an "h" shape. Get that extra pleasure by using Poco to tease her clitoris while she enjoys your penis hitting her G-spot just right. The fantastic vibrations on her clitoris, along with the internal sensations, can lead to an incredible orgasm. Alternatively, warm her up by stimulating her G-spot with Poco and then take over when she’s close to climax.

Best sex positions to make a girl squirt - Poco

  • As you go at it from behind, have the woman bend over and use Crescendo 2 on her clitoris. By squeezing her thighs around Crescendo 2, she'll feel the vibrations intensify throughout her body. And you'll also get a playful stroke with Crescendo 2 while at it. This stimulation of the vaginal wall can boost the chances of your partner squirting during this intimate encounter.

2. Missionary sex position

In the classic missionary position, the penis is tilted upwards, which directly stimulates the G-spot. This position gives a good angle for G-spot stimulation and lets you sync up better with your partner since you’re both facing each other. If you thought Missionary was boring and overrated, try spicing it up by trying Missionary with a twist (literally). Have the bottom partner twist their pelvis but keep their chest facing forward.

This variation offers a different angle to target the G-spot. Get your partner to lift her legs, wrapping them around your waist for a more intense angle. Add some slow, grinding motions to ramp up the sensation, and hit the G-spot with each thrust.

3. G-Whiz sex position

This position gives plenty of room for deep penetration and the perfect angle for G-spot stimulation. However, it’s important to note that the G-spot is only 1-3 inches inside the vagina, so deep penetration isn’t required, but can increase sensation and stimulation for some women.

To do the G-Whiz, have her lie on her back with her legs up and pointing towards the ceiling. For extra comfort, put a pillow under her butt to raise her hips. You can enter while on your knees with her legs resting on your shoulders, or lean forward and press her legs against your chest.

To make things even more exciting, add a couple's sex toy into the mix. For instance, during sex, she can hold Crescendo 2 or Poco against her clitoris. Let her play with her favorite vibration pattern and she could have an amazing, blended orgasm from both G-Spot penetration and clitoral pleasure.

Best sex positions to make a girl squirt - Crescendo 2

Other sex positions to make a woman squirt

While those are the top 3 sex positions to make a woman squirt, that's just the beginning! There's a whole world of sexual pleasure waiting to be discovered, and here are 10 more positions to explore to help her reach female ejaculation. After all, everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

Launch Pad sex position

In this position, your female partner lies on her back, bringing her legs to her chest and resting her feet on your chest. Meanwhile, you kneel facing her, leaning over to control the depth of penetration.

This position is excellent for deep penetration and hitting the G-spot just right. Your partner can control how deep it goes by pushing you back with her feet or relaxing her legs for even more depth. Don't forget, you only need to go a few inches in to make her feel incredible and stimulate her G-spot, so you don’t need to lean in too much!

Cowgirl sex position

In this position, you lie on their back while your female partner straddles and squats on top, facing you. She can sit up straight and bounce, or lean forward and grind her pelvic against yours.

Let your partner take charge in this position. She can adjust the depth and angle of penetration to focus on G-spot stimulation and what feels best for her.

Reverse Cowgirl sex position

This position is the reverse of Cowgirl. In Reverse Cowgirl position, you lie on your back while the woman straddles you, facing your feet instead of your face. She can adjust by holding onto your knees or thighs, moving or grinding her pelvis towards ramping up her pleasure.

Crab sex position

In the Crab position, kind of like Cowgirl, the woman is on top facing you while you're lying flat. But here's the twist – she leans back, using her hands for support, while you keep your legs together.

Similar to the cowgirl position, this one also targets G-spot stimulation. Your partner can take charge and lead the way, or you can add some thrusting for extra pleasure.

Butterfly sex position

In the Butterfly position, the woman lies on her back at the edge of a surface while you stand or kneel between her legs, lifting her hips for penetration. The woman can adjust her legs for comfort, resting them on your chest or placing them on either side of you, while you do most of the movement. Play with different angles to discover what works best.

Spooning sex position

In the Spooning position, you and your partner both lie on your sides facing the same direction, with you behind your female partner. She can adjust her top leg forward for easier penetration, or hook it behind her on yours. This intimate rear-entry position hits the G-spot while giving you the opportunity to provide manual clitoral stimulation.

Double Decker sex position

Similar to spooning, but with both partners facing the ceiling, you're lying on your back while the girl is on top, her back resting on your chest, supported by her elbows and feet. This allows for entry from behind, adding a new angle for exploration and intimacy.

Jockey sex position

In the Jockey position, the woman lies face down with her legs straight, while you straddle her waist for penetration. You can lean forward, backward, or lay on top of her, like a spooning stance.

You can thrust or grind on your partner, delivering intense pleasure to her G-spot.

Bouncing Spoon sex position

You sit down on a flat surface and your female partner sits on you, facing away from you, and guides you inside of her, then leans back onto your chest. She takes charge on top, bouncing to control the angle and depth of penetration. This intimate twist on spooning focuses on the front wall of the vagina for G-spot stimulation.

Amazon sex position

This position requires a lot of flexibility and balance to maintain. You lie on your back with your legs bent and raised over your head. Your female partner stands and squats over you, sitting on your penis. She’s in control of the rhythm and depth, riding you by bouncing up and down. This position, dominated by the woman, offers deep penetration and a unique perspective for both partners.

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Trying out different sexual positions to make her squirt can bring an extra layer of excitement and pleasure to your intimate moments. Remember, it's all about finding what feels good for her, and these sex positions for squirting are only the beginning of an exciting journey together. Communication, exploration, and a healthy dose of openness can help you unlock new levels of pleasure. With a bit of playfulness, patience, and practice, you might discover her ultimate pleasure spot.

To make the shared journey of discovery and pleasure even more exciting, consider introducing fun sex toys that prioritize her enjoyment and sensations. Vibrators like Crescendo 2 and Poco are designed to enhance her pleasure, and these vibrators can help her squirt.

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