The Best Female Masturbation Positions For Self Exploration

Whether you’re using sex toys or your hands, you can spice up masturbation to make your solo session go from good to amazing.

Published May 10 2021 5 min read

Masturbation can provide a very satisfying release and be a great way to unwind at the end of the day (or in the middle or at the start or any time quite honestly). And even if you are a professional at solo-sex, this round-up of the best female masturbation positions (or anyone with a vulva specifically) could add a spice of variety into your usual routine. After all the best way to improve your solo session is by mixing things up from the sensations you love to the erogenous zones you touch. 

Experiment with temperatures, lubes, sex toys. If you usually like hard sensations try your hand at softer rubbing. Your body will become accustomed to a variety of sensations rather than always doing it the same way. 

By experimenting with different positions whilst masturbating you may just discover a whole new world of pleasure awaits. Here’s a round-up of the best female masturbation positions to spark your imagination and spice up your technique.

 The Best Female Masturbation Positions For Self Exploration

Your First Time

Chances are this might just be your go-to female masturbation position. Just because it’s the most obvious one doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome. Lie on your back with open legs - go with what feels good whether that’s penetration or clitoral stimulation. Enhance each of these sensations with plenty of lube for a silky feeling. 


Best Female Masturbation Position Zen Climax

Zen Climax 

Taking a lotus pose, use your fingers on your clitoris or inserted, or for heightened sensations use a bendable vibrator to both tease your G-spot and feel sensations against your clitoris. Move your body forward and back at different angles and clench those kegel muscles to add variation to your climax.


The Best Female Masturbation Positions For Self Exploration

Playful Cradle 

Insert a bendable vibrator like Crescendo, so that one end is stimulating your G-spot and the other is firmly resting between your labia on your clitoris. Lie back and lift your legs to tighten your grip and alternate your leg movement depending on the position that stimulates you the most.


The Best Female Masturbation Positions For Self Exploration Solo Rodeo

Solo Rodeo

This position is perfect if you enjoy the sensation of thrusting while pleasuring yourself. You can use a vibrator like Crescendo placed at a 90 degree angle so that one side inserts you and the other part lies flat - for better support, hold the flat part of your vibrator in front of you while you thrust. Now it’s time to explore. Try bending backward or forwards, changing your angle, and experimenting with different speeds as you move up and down. Alternatively, if you would rather experiment without sex toys then lube up your fingers and touch yourself - learning what feels good.


Best Female Masturbation Positions For Self Exploration Sideways Indulgence

Sideways Indulgence

This female masturbation position is great for a relaxing time as you lie down on your side. This can give you easy access to your clitoris for a clitoral orgasm. Apply pressure to your hand or add a sex toy between your legs and tense your legs together - this can make the sensations extra intense.


Best Female Masturbation Positions Rocking Chair

Up Close And Personal

This one is all about learning exactly what works for you and what is going on down there. Incorporate a mirror at a comfortable angle where you can see exactly what is going on. Watch yourself experimenting with rhythm, strokes, and patterns, stimulating all the areas that feel good to you. This will also help you in the future as you can see exactly what is working for your body. 


Female Masturbation Positions Making Waves

Wet And Wild

If you haven’t tried masturbation in the bathtub then where have you been? For a lot of people shower heads are their first DIY sex toy as they can offer a relaxing and comfortable way of self-pleasure. Remember to test the water first to ensure no nasty surprises. Even better, add a waterproof vibrator for more bath time pleasure. 


Discover New Erogenous Zones

Instead of going straight for your genitals pay, more attention to the lesser-known female erogenous zones. You might find an unknown area that makes your body feel really good.

Whether you’re using sex toys or your hands, you can spice up masturbation to make your solo session go from good to amazing. Customize any of these positions with strategically positioned cushions such as the liberator’s sex furniture. This can help you reach spots such as your G-spot with greater pressure for wonderful sensations. All of these masturbation positions can be customized for a variety of sensations with what works best for you. Take these female masturbation positions to another level by experimenting with the sensations that sex toys can offer.

The Best Female Masturbation Positions For Self Exploration

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The Best Female Masturbation Positions Sex Toy Poco

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