3 Reasons Why You Should Try Prostate Play

The benefits of prostate play don’t stop at pleasure – regular prostate massage comes with a wealth of health benefits.

Published Dec 21 2022 5 min read

There are few sexual acts that carry with them such an air of risqué excitement, untapped potential – and occasional unnecessary taboo – as anal play. But when it comes to stimulating the male prostate, or P-spot, there shouldn’t be anything taboo about it. Prostate stimulation and massage has a whole host of benefits, from more intense orgasms to health benefits including reducing pain and helping ease erectile dysfunction. 

Whether you’re just realizing your P-spot potential or you’re a prostate massage pro, there are plenty of reasons for you to open the (back) door to prostate pleasure. 

Stronger, powerful orgasms 

Perhaps the most common reason that people explore prostate play is that it can feel incredible. The prostate contains a lot of nerves, similar to the female G-spot, and stimulating these nerves can lead to some incredibly intense sensations. And, when it comes to orgasms, prostate play can push these over the edge to a whole new level. 

The full body orgasms that prostate play can provide are much more intense than orgasms from penile stimulation alone. Being described as feeling like ‘an out of body explosion … this absolutely incredible rush of nothing but pleasure’, they can last much longer and leave you wanting more. An impressive 33% of men report stronger and longer orgasms from incorporating prostate massage, and these can also be dry orgasms (without ejaculation), resulting in no refractory period and the potential for multiple back-to-back orgasms. 

By using the right stimulation, such as an ultra-slim prostate vibrator, prostate play can be used to mix up masturbation and help you to have hands free orgasms as well – giving you a huge range of orgasmic options. For those who are interested in delving into prostate stimulation, and are looking for something smaller to begin with, the ultra-slim and ultra-flexible prostate vibrator Molto is a great option. Its slim ergonomic design allows you to incorporate prostate stimulation seamlessly into your regular routine, and its flexible neck allows for targeted stimulation on your P-spot in multiple positions. 

Prostate Play Increases Intimacy

Increased intimacy 

While solo prostate massage can make for awesome ‘alone time’, powering up your prostate play with a partner can amplify your sex life. Sharing in intensely pleasurable experiences naturally brings partners closer together, and exploring more intimate acts like prostate massage and stimulation can enhance your closeness and maximize your pleasure.  

Involving a trusted partner in your prostate play will let you fully relax and focus on the sensations themselves. There are a range of options you can explore together so you can both benefit from prostate massage, whether that’s putting your partner in (remote) control with an app-controlled sex toy, or using a prostate vibrator during sex for extra intense couple’s climaxes. One vibrator that hits all the points is the ultra-versatile unisex vibrator, Crescendo 2. Not only can it stimulate your P-spot (and a female partner’s G-spot), but it can also be remote controlled either by your smartphone or your partner’s smartphone to customize individual vibrations and patterns and really dial up the intimacy.

Improves sexual health 

While the benefits of more intense orgasms and increased sensations are more than enough to make prostate play worth exploring on its own, regular prostate massage is also associated with a wide range of physical and mental health benefits including: 

  • Pain relief: Conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) that cause an enlarged prostate gland can cause pain and discomfort, but regular prostate massage several times a week can help ease the pain, swelling, and discomfort associated with these conditions.  
  • Keeping the fluids flowing: Prostate massage can help to clear the prostatic duct, which runs between the prostate and the urinary and reproductive systems. Reducing excess fluid can lead to improved prostate health, ease fluid blockages that can cause ejaculation to be painful, and be used as a medication-free alternative to more specialized treatments for prostatitis and other issues. 
  • Reducing the risk of prostate cancer: One study has suggested that more frequent ejaculation can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, and regular prostate massage is a surefire way to help with regular ejaculation.  
  • Helping with erectile dysfunction: For those who might face challenges in getting or maintaining an erection, prostate massage can be beneficial. Increased blood flow as a result of prostate massage may make it easier to get and stay erect. Studies have shown that men undergoing prostate massage treatment suffered fewer issues with ED, and depending on the individual circumstances, prostate massage can be used alone or in conjunction with other prevalent treatments. 

Molto Prostate Vibrator

For those primed and ready to discover P-spot pleasure, there’s various types of anal toys including butt plugs, anal vibrators, and sex toys available, and an even larger range of benefits. With the right mindset (and a lot of lube), you too can experience the Holy Grail of orgasms from prostate massage.  

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