17 At Home Date Night Ideas

With an abundance of at-home date night ideas, you can have an evening full of creativity and pleasure without breaking the bank! 

Published Jan 25 2021 5 min read

The days are blending into one and you may need a little bit of creative flair to make your special occasions extra special. Who says you need to go out to have a good time? These creative at-home date night ideas for couples are super budget-friendly and perfect for couples looking to spend more time together.

1. Netflix and chill

This one may be the most obvious home date idea but there is a reason this one is so popular, but along with it does come a lousy reputation so why not turn this every evening routine into something extra special. Pick the movie beforehand or have a movie marathon, create a mini cinema in your bedroom - projector screen and all. Then make your favorite movie snacks (sweet or salty popcorn) and enjoy your at-home movie night. At least with this one, no one will kick you out for getting hot and heavy on the back row…

2. Relive the honeymoon phase 

Remember at the start of your relationship when you didn’t want to leave the bedroom and the best stay at home date idea involved a lot of lube? Well, why not recreate that passion as you spice up the bedroom and reignite the honeymoon phase. Try something new such as a couple sex toy, tantric sex, or some light BDSM. If you don’t want to dip your toe into anything too kinky mix up your sex routine with new sex positions or listen to some audio erotica together. 

3. Dinner for two 

Cook your favorite meal together. Enjoy spending time as a couple as you prep and cook a special meal together - try picking a recipe you know takes a while to make, as preparation can be sensual if you make it that way. Feed each other as you cook to ignite a burning passion. You might even find yourself bringing sex into the kitchen, if the passion takes over, afterall it is hot and steamy.

4. Drink and draw

Art and wine classes can be quite expensive to attend so why not bring the fun into your home. Get out your old fruit bowl, or whatever you have to hand and place it on a make-shift pedestal. Put on some arty music and draw, paint, stick or whatever onto your canvas. If you want to make this home date sexier, try to paint each other in the nude! This can help you learn more about each other’s bodies and appreciate your partner.

Date night drink and draw

5. Sensual massage night

A sensual massage is the perfect way to romance your partner. Treat your other half to a pamper at home, create the perfect sultry atmosphere with an abundance of essential oils and candles before massaging them into a state of deep relaxation. If you are unsure where to start look at these 6 tips on how to massage your partner.

6. Games night

Are you two big fans of playing video games? Or more of a card games couple? Host a games night that’ll have your competitive streak shining through. Have the loser cook the winner a delicious meal or another forfeit that you see fit! 

7. Bucket list

So today isn’t the day for that big adventure, but what may the future hold. Do you want to go traveling? A sky-dive? Climb a mountain? Why not brainstorm your couples bucket list together. If you are less of a thrill seeker - and more of a pleasure seeker you could put having a threesome on there, going to a sex party… whatever tickles your fancy.

8. Trivia games

If you have been in a relationship for a while it can feel like you don’t have anything new to learn about your partner, but question games can be a great way to open up new topics of conversation and learn a little more about each other. 

There are plenty of options online or alternatively make one up - questions such as ‘what’s your biggest fear’ or ‘your earliest childhood memory’ can be a great place to start. You can have a go at guessing what your partner’s answers will be, and if you get it right maybe there will be a sexy prize.

9. Have a picnic

Create a sensual environment with blankets, pillows and candles indoors - if you don’t have an appropriate outdoor space! Sit on the floor whilst enjoying your favorite picnic snacks. You can carefully select each element to fill your stomach and feed your sexual appetite with aphrodisiacs that are guaranteed to boost your sex drive and get you in the mood.


10. Camp out

Have yourself a romantic date night under the stars (or a starry night light maybe). Utilize your living room by rolling your sleeping bags out in front of the fire, unplugging your electronics and telling ghost stories by torchlight. 

11. Themed party

Unleash your inner child with a childlike party. Play party games, eat plenty of ice cream, watch childhood cartoons and just be silly! You are never too old to dance around in your pajamas and fix a midnight snack together. This could also be a great way to spark some interesting conversations as you rediscover childhood memories.

12. Wine tasting

Wine tasting is one of those that can be pretty pricey to do - so why not opt for a DIY version in a budget-friendly at-home date night. Buy a few bottles of wine, maybe a mini cheese board and enjoy talking about the smells and flavors you are getting from your favorite reds. 

13. Turn your bedroom into a sex dungeon

Unleash your inner wild side with a naughty at-home date idea such as turning your bedroom into a sex dungeon to explore all your fantasies. Before you begin, make sure you and your partner have had an open conversation about introducing sex toys into the bedroom and have expressed an interest in BDSM - enthusiastic consent is key! If you have the go-ahead - then turn your bedroom into a masochistic dream... think rope, handcuffs, dim lighting. 

14. Play fight

Fights are rarely sexy or fun but remember when water fights were a thing or how about pillow fights? Why not boost your adrenaline by chasing each other around and practicing some play fighting. 

15. Virtual reality experience

Many museums, art galleries and places of interest have unleashed VR experiences perfect for a stay at home date night. You can explore an abundance of popular places for example immerse yourself in art at the Lourve, or stroll around the UK’s natural history museum. This might not be the great adventure you were hoping for, but this can provide a fun and free activity from your sofa at home.

16. Romantic bath for two

Taking a bubble bath together can be a very sensual experience if done right. Set the mood with candles, some relaxing music and have towels or bathrobes warmed for when you get out. You could even make bath time sexy by enjoying some pleasure with a waterproof vibrator.



17. Make plans for the future

So you may not be able to venture on the adventure of a life-time just now, but you can make plans for the future. Planning for the future can give you something to look forward to as you choose to spend time thinking about shared plans. Plan your next holiday together and talk about locations, hotels and activities that you can’t wait to do together! 

With an abundance of at-home date night ideas, you can have an evening full of creativity and pleasure without breaking the bank! 

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