5 Shower Sex Positions That Actually Work

Sure, shower sex sounds hot and steamy. It looks super passionate and sexy in films, but when you’re actually getting down to it, it’s tricky.

Published Dec 10 2017 3 min read

Sure, shower sex sounds hot and steamy. It looks super passionate and sexy in films, but when you’re actually getting down to it, it’s tricky.

It’s wet, it’s soapy, it’s slippery, there are taps and shower curtains in the way, your body parts don’t really line up very well, you don’t have a lot of resting space and you have a face full of water, which makes it difficult to see or do anything.

In the end, you basically spend most of the time trying to get more of the nice warm water than your partner.

But what if we told you there are some shower sex positions that actually work… imagine that!

Well, today’s your lucky day. Here are some tried and tested shower sex positions that will have you moaning, for the right reasons.

1. Rubba dub dub….

There’s no need to skip straight to the really naughty stuff, you need time to lather up first. If you have a bath, while the water runs freely face your partner and sit on their lap with your legs wrapped around them, now take it in turns to lather each other’s breasts and nipples while kissing passionately.

If you only have room to stand up, turn your back to the wall while your partner wraps their arms around you teasing your nipples and biting on your earlobes.

Increasing the anticipation will make the next steps so much hotter…

2. Give, and Receive

Angle the shower head so that the warm water is flowing on your partner’s back (and not your face!). Now, kneel down and touch your partner’s genitals with your hands, before progressing to your lips and tongue.

If your knees ache you could always use a folded towel for support, it’s going to get wet anyway!

Surprisingly, water isn’t a great natural lube so you may want to use some lube here for extra wetness.

If have a detachable shower head or a waterproof vibrator like Crescendo, you could use this to pleasure yourself while pleasuring your partner. Just make sure if you do – use a water based lube instead of a silicone one! Or try our waterproof penis pleasure product, Tenuto, for dual stimulation. 

Now doesn’t that sound tempting!

5 Shower Sex Positions That Actually Work

3. Back to basics

Sometimes, simplicity is best when it comes to shower sex positions.

Try bending over and kneeling towards the wall with the shower head pointed on your back, dripping down onto your bum.

In this position your partner can penetrate you with their penis or sex toy from behind while supporting your hips.

If you’re afraid of slipping, you can use a bath mat if you have one (you know, like the one in your nan’s house) or if you haven’t, the folded towel could come in handy again here.

Looking to increase the pleasure? Why not bring your favourite waterproof clitoral teaser into the mix.

4. Clean as a whistle

Shower sex can be the answer to any germaphobe hang-ups you have about oral sex, especially when it comes to anilingus.

So after you’ve thoroughly cleaned yourself, have your partner sit down and press their face in between your buttocks.

Now you can sit softly into their mouth and feel the pleasure of their tongue around this oh-so-sensitive area.

5 Shower Sex Positions That Actually Work

5. For the pro

This one is for those with super strength and balance capabilities!

Who needs dumbbells? Pick up your partner against the wall (don’t forget that floor towel – health and safety is crucial now!) and ask them to wrap their legs around you.

Now use your penis or a strap-on to penetrate your partner vaginally or anally while the shower soaks you with warm water.

With these five shower sex positions in your repertoire, you can say goodbye to awkward to-ing and fro-ing and hello to a world of wet pleasure.

Plus, the sound of the shower running will muffle your moans which means you can be as loud as you like.


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