13 Sexual Health Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you ready to have your mind blown (outside of the bedroom)? Check out these fascinating sexual health statistics. 

Published Oct 24 2019 7 min read

Sexual health is an incredibly hot button issue in many circles--and unfortunately, all too many people lack the basic knowledge they need about sexual functioning. Are you ready to have your mind blown (outside of the bedroom)? Check out these fascinating sexual health statistics. 

1. Happy married couples are having sex at least once a week.

happy couple

According to Psychology Today, married couples who are happy and comfortable in their relationships are having sex at least once a week. Couples who have sex two, three, or more times a week also tend to claim high levels of happiness within their marriage. However, they are not necessarily any happier than couples who are having sex only a single time a week. 

2. Married couples (and singles) are having less sex than they used to.

According to that same study reported in Psychology Today, people in 1990 had sex an average of 63 times per year--a little more than once a week. This included married couples as well as singles of a wide age range. Today, a similar sample reports just 54 sexual encounters a year. In an age where sexuality has become increasingly commonly discussed, it's interesting that the actual rate of sexual encounters appears to be going down, perhaps due in part to the rise of technology and an increase in overly busy schedules. 

3. Age isn't slowing many people down.

More than 40% of older Americans--those in the 65-80 range--still report having regular sex. Of those who were in long-term relationships, sexual activity increased to 54% of older Americans. In fact, women in their 70's report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than women in their 40's, perhaps because of a combination of fewer hormonal upheavals and fewer responsibilities taking their attention away from the bedroom. If you and your partner are aging, it doesn't have to stop your sex life in its tracks--and in fact, you can go on to have a healthy, active sex life well into your senior years.

4. Women have an average of 4 sexual partners in their lifetimes; men report an average of 7. 

It's not unusual for Americans to have multiple sexual partners before settling on the one person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Keep in mind, however, that these numbers are self-reported, which could mean that men are more likely to exaggerate and women are less likely to disclose all of their past sexual partners. 

5. Only 29% of women report reaching orgasm every time. 

Conversely, 75% of men report always reaching orgasm. Many women, however, do not feel that they have to reach orgasm in order to be completely fulfilled by sex. Oral and vaginal intercourse are more likely to help women reach orgasm, while men report that penetration, either vaginal or anal, is more likely to help them reach orgasm. If you want to add some spice to your bedroom life or are struggling to reach orgasm, adding a little vibration to your sexual play can also help add a note of excitement--and, often, push both partners over the edge to orgasm.

6. Almost 50% of men 40-49 haven't had sex in a year.

39.6% of men in their thirties, including men who are in committed relationships, report a lack of sex in the past year, as well. In the meantime, self-stimulation, including the use of toys, can help many people reach orgasm. The Tenuto, for example, is a smart wearable vibrator for men. It simultaneously stimulates multiple areas, increasing blood flow and heightening sensations during both masturbation and intercourse. When you do have sex with a partner, the Tenuto can be positioned to stimulate her, too!

7. 60% of men report masturbating within the past month. 

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, 60% of men do report masturbating within the past month. Masturbation is an excellent way to relieve tension and promote sexual health, especially when you use assistance like the Tenuto to make your life easier and your sexcapades more exciting. Meanwhile, only around 37% of women reported masturbating within the past month. For some, a product like the Crescendo, which can be adapted according to the shape of a woman's body and her personal preferences, can help make masturbation even more exciting. An average of one in two women use a vibrator to aid in masturbation. 

8. 45% of people incorporate sex toys into their bedroom life. 

Most people are trying to keep their sex lives as exciting as possible--and that includes experimenting with the things that bring each partner the most pleasure! With 45% of people using sex toys, including vibrators, to enhance their pleasure in the bedroom, there are plenty of opportunities within the sex toy industry--and, as a result, plenty of things for interested parties to try out. 

9. Couples who use vibrators communicate more.

49% of couples who use vibrators and other sex toys in the bedroom report high levels of communication, both about things inside the bedroom and things outside. Only 29% of couples who didn't use sex toys report the same level of intimacy. Couples who use sex toys are also better able to communicate with one another about what they like and dislike in the bedroom, perhaps because they are more open, as a couple, to sharing new things and embracing new experiences in the bedroom. If you're seeking to open the lines of communication in your relationship, consider how adding a vibrator can help enhance your pleasure and take your communication to the next level. It could just be a relationship-changer!

10. 96% of people feel that emotional connection results in the best sex.

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If you're struggling to feel connected in the bedroom, odds are good that you aren't feeling as connected to your partner outside it, as well. 96% of people report that an emotional connection increases their pleasure in the bedroom. A vulnerable partner--one who is willing to share what they're dealing with, what they're feeling, or what they enjoy--often increases pleasure for many couples. What does that mean for you? Communication is key to an exciting sex life, both in and outside of the bedroom. If you're feeling disconnected in bed, consider looking for more opportunities to talk with your partner--both about sex and about other important aspects of your life. 

11. Sex gets better the longer you're together.

90% of people believe that time won't dull the romantic spark between you and your partner. Instead, they're convinced that sex actually gets better the longer you're together. This is due in part to a better knowledge and understanding of your partner's body, and in part to a greater sexual connection over time. When you're with the same partner for a long time, you become more sexually connected, slowly developing a better understanding of each other's fantasies and desires. Being in a committed relationship can actually do wonders for your libido because you know that you can trust the other person, including sharing with them when you want to try out something new in the bedroom. 

12. During orgasm, your brain has a 95% resemblance to your brain on heroin.

There's a good reason why sex seems so addictive for many people. When you orgasm, your brain is flooded with dopamine: the happy, feel-good chemical that many addicts spend their lives chasing. According to research, during orgasm, your brain looks much the same as it does when you use illegal drugs. It's little wonder that many people are willing to make immense sacrifices for increased sexual contact! 

13. Couples who travel together may have better sex than the ones who are stuck at home. 

If you and your partner take a vacation together at least once a year--especially if you're able to get away from the kids and the demands of work--chances are, you're having better sex. That improvement doesn't just happen when you're on vacation, either: a few days away can improve your sex life year-round. This might be due, in part, to the fact that when you're on vacation, you're likely to be more adventurous and try new things, which could translate to new ongoing favorites in the bedroom when you get home. Vacation is also an amazing time to reconnect and get closer to your partner, and that emotional intimacy could translate to higher levels of physical intimacy long after you get home. 

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