7 Ways To Dirty Talk Like A Dominant In The Bedroom

Discover these tips for incorporating dominant dirty talk into bedroom repertoire, adding a level of excitement, control, and intimacy in sexual encounters.

Published Aug 02 2023 4 min read

The art of dirty talk is an enticing and alluring addition to any intimate encounter, but it can become particularly exhilarating when incorprated with dominance and power play. Dominant dirty talk allows you to explore new dimensions of sexuality and empower yourself and your partner through dialogue that enhances sensation, arousal, and connection. Whether you're new to the world of domination or a seasoned practitioner, these 7 tips can help you harness the power of dominant dirty talk and amplify the pleasure and intimacy within your bedroom escapades.  

1. Establish clear boundaries and safe words

Before diving into dirty talk, have an open conversation with your partner about boundaries, desires, and limitations. This conversation can include establishing a safe word, which allows both parties to signal if they become uncomfortable or wish to stop the activity. Ensuring a strong foundation of trust and consent will help create a more enjoyable and stimulating experience for everyone involved.  

2. Play with tone and phrasing 

The tone of your voice plays a crucial role in conveying dominance during dirty talk. By adopting a firm, confident tone, you signal to your partner that you are in control. Key phrases that embody power and control can be incredibly arousing, such as "you belong to me," "I'm in charge," or "you're mine tonight." Experiment with different phrases and tones to discover what resonates with both you and your partner, and don't be afraid to let your creativity flow.  

3. Utilize nonverbal cues and body language 

Dominance in the bedroom extends beyond spoken words. Your body language and nonverbal cues can effectively communicate authority without uttering a single word. Direct eye contact, assertive hand gestures, and standing tall with confidence all convey dominance. Combining effective body language with sultry or powerful phrases can significantly enhance the overall experience and create a truly unforgettable power play encounter. 

4. Roleplay and command with confidence 

Roleplaying as a dominant character can bring exciting possibilities for dirty talk. Embrace your chosen persona, whether it's an authoritative boss or a seductive dominatrix, and immerse yourself in the fantasy. Assign a role for your partner to play as well, creating a dynamic of control and submission in which you assert your dominance by commanding, praising, or scolding them. The most important aspect of roleplaying is maintaining confidence and truly committing to your character.  

5. Create a sensual vocabulary of desire

When engaging in dominant dirty talk, having a robust vocabulary at your disposal allows for more creative expression and tantalizing conversation. Make a list of terms that provoke arousal for both you and your partner, encompassing a range of titles, phrases, and adjectives. Experiment with these words in your dirty talk to create a dynamic dialogue that heightens the overall experience. 

6. Experiment with teasing and sensory deprivation

Incorporating teasing and sensory deprivation into your dominant dirty talk can ignite anticipation and excitement within your partner. For example, provide explicit descriptions of what you plan to do to them, then delay the action, building up their desire and heightening the sense of control. Utilizing blindfolds, handcuffs, or other types of sensory deprivation can also enhance the power dynamic as you whisper commands, promises, or discipline in your partner's ear.  

7. Encourage feedback and open communication

Open communication is a cornerstone of any successful power play encounter, so continually check in with your partner to gauge their comfort and satisfaction. This feedback will help you fine-tune your dominant dirty talk and enable both parties to grow as communicators within this realm. 


Embracing your inner dominant and displaying that in your dirty talk can unlock new levels of excitement, control, and intimacy between you and your partner. By practicing these tips and techniques, you'll strengthen communication, trust, and consent, paving the way for unforgettable and thrilling intimate encounters. 

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